These are the emerging designers who will make their debut at Bogotá Fashion Week (Part 2)

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Bogotá Fashion Week will take place in the Colombian capital the first week of April. Meet some of the designers who will make their debut this year

These are the emerging designers who will make their debut at Bogotá Fashion Week (Part 2)

Bogota Fashion Week aims to make Bogotá a capital for business around the world of fashion and for the exhibition emerging companies' designs. For this, Bogotá's fashion week has been created and will take place in the first week of April. We have chosen in the second part of this list the designers who will participate for the first time and who, as emerging brands, all the fans of local fashion should know.

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Manuela Triana


Una publicación compartida de MANUELA TRIANA (@manuelatriana) el


This brand, which bears the name of its creator, focuses on making the traditional tailor's technique cool so as to make fresh and elegant jackets. In her collection Peaceful, she wanted to use camouflage based on Colombian flora and fauna, since they are "no longer for war but for peace".



Una publicación compartida de MLRR Bogota Official (@mlrr_official) el


A brand worried about sustainability and good practices in the making of their garments. This is why its main raw material is organic cotton cultivated without the need for pesticides and its main workers are female heads of household or with physical disabilities.



Una publicación compartida de P A L M A C E A (@palmaceaswimwear) el


It is a swimwear and summer accessories brand for men and women. In their purchase model they want to completely involve the client in a consultancy process with which the consumer can feel comfortable and totally satisfied.

Pamela Lamus


Una publicación compartida de PAMELA LAMUS ACCESORIES (@pamelalamus.accesories) el


Pamela Lamus points to a conception of jewelry beyond that as a mere body adornment. That is why, in the approach of this new conception, she works with women artisans from different parts of Colombia: to fill their pieces with meaning and to give women the place they deserve in the industry.

Papel de punto


Una publicación compartida de p a p e l (de punt) (@papeldepunto) el


Knitted paper wants to capture in its woven garments what could be drawn on a blank paper. Their garments, in addition, adapt to men and women equally and are all made with a knitting technique.

Ricardo Pava


Una publicación compartida de RICARDO PAVA (@ricardopava) el


Well-liked among the top business and political spheres of the country, Ricardo Pava has advised the most powerful men for decades and is one of the most prestigious designers of the so-called 'working wear'.

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Sabbai Bags


Una publicación compartida de Sabbai bags Oficial (@sabbaibags_) el


A brand of leather purses and accessories. Sabbai handbags are made with artisan techniques and with the highest quality standards in their raw material: leather. Each piece is intended to be a work of art, so they are made in limited editions.



Una publicación compartida de SOLER (@soler.soler) el


SOLER loves winter. That is why its specialty is smart garments with textile technology to spend a pleasant winter or in the middle of the rain. This is combined with graphic pieces that can be seen in their clothes and that give them a unique style.

Yoci Sefair


Una publicación compartida de Y O C I S E F A I R (@yocisefair) el


A brand of clothes for women. Her designs revolve around a delicate image of women. They combine nature, femininity, and art for the design of their garments ranging from footwear to purses and other accessories.



Una publicación compartida de Zandan (@zandanmoda) el


This brand aims to end gender stereotypes in fashion, which dictate who should use what. They respond with their designs of footwear and leather accessories, above all, to the needs of the LGBTIQ + community. Its creative director and founder Daniel Uyazán is an irreverent young heel lover who is very clear about the objective and the signature of his brand. He won the Mario Hernández prize in 2015 so he could go to study fashion in Barcelona. We will see him together with all the designers who will debut in the fashion week and who are on this list at Bogotá Fashion Week.

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