This is Panama Fashion Week

Atlapa Convention Centre hosted the XVII edition of Panama Fashion Week

This is Panama Fashion Week

This year Atlapa Convention Centre hosted Panama Fashion Week. 25 collections from both local and international designers were presented in front of a public made by international buyers, local bloggers, celebrities and fashion lovers.

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It's all about local designers

As 33% of local designers sell their collections outside Panama, regional emerging brands see the event as a unique opening towards a global market. International buyers have the power to expose and place a local designer brand on the same market with those who enjoy higher prestige. By doing so local producers can enter the global apparel business where the rewards (and risks) are higher. In a fast-moving environment like the one of fashion design, local producers need to remain constantly focused on trends and customer’s requirements; however, what sets Latin American designers apart from their competitors is the focus they place on handmade workmanship and sustainability. 

Panama, together with Colombia and Mexico, have managed to stay on their toes and respond successfully to the challenges of this dynamic industry. They’ve done this by adapting to new target groups while remaining relevant and fresh.  

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During the 3 day extravaganza of Panama Fashion Week, emerging local talents were championed and presented as possible future success stories. Alexis Vincent was inspired by coral reefs and shells. His aquamarine garments were a hit with those who dream about Caribbean escapes. Lidia Minota went for a sophisticated tropical look, using exquisite fabrics with embellished details.

The statement golden sequin trousers are a must-have for every IT girl. Michelle Zarak went for a powerful color scheme: black combined with red and white. This vibrant erotic and incredibly sensual mix was used to convey a sense of freedom despite the disciplined silhouettes and clear cuts. Olga Recio perfectly revoked Chanel’s DNA with her timeless style and her tweed dresses and coats.

The multi-colored stripes are an added touch that reminded us of walks around Biarritz in timeless outfits that will never go out of style. Annie Chajin and Adrian Carrillo had a more youthful and fun collection, being perfectly suitable for the fashionable younger crowd. Their designs are perfectly suited for the London- based hipsters or the Brooklyn cool- crowd.


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The international names

When it comes to international names Marcos Luengo (Spain) reveals the true essence of fashion. His collection is an ode to femininity, being close to a couture dream. Simple lines which enhance the craftsmanship and create dreamy designs. Paola Morris (Colombia) presented her collection “Puralma’19” which was inspired by Joan Miró ’s colors and Zaha Hadid’s architectural shapes. 

Constanza Oquendo (Venezuela) is the designer you need to watch as she’ll become someone who’ll shape the local market! Constanza reinvents the Latin American fashion elements and proportions, creating unique and very architectural garments. She’s a genius who stays away from conventional styles. Lawin Paz (Honduras) designed a collection perfectly suitable for Miami nights, where white is predominant and the boho style is curated until it becomes almost sophisticated. His dresses become wardrobe essentials due to their capacity of being simultaneously playful and gracefully refined. 



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