This is what an average bag weighs

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We weigh bags with different things inside to know how much we are carrying day by day on our shoulders

This is what an average bag weighs

In daily life we are constantly moving, and we carry our work tools, if we have them, from one side to the other. We have so internalized these displacements and these burdens that we never question whether we carry much weight on our shoulders.

In LatinAmerican Post we asked ourselves the question of how much weight we carry day by day on our shoulders. While it is still women who tend to carry more weight, because they use more bags than men, the masculine gender must also carry on occasion with both. We weigh some bags, backpacks, suitcases, to see how much weight we carry day after day. Here is the answer.

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Kangaroo with:

– Wallet

– Keys

– Headphones

– Mobile

0.8 kg

The kangaroo or fannypack is a very useful garment that allows you to have your hands free while you use it. You can use it at the waist or crossed by one of your shoulders. Yes, it is a small item that will not fit much more than what we put.

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Small tool box with:

– Big hammer

– Angles of different sizes

– Three screwdrivers

– A level

– Nuts several

– Various screws and nails

– Subway

6 kgs

Dimensions: 30x15x15

Although it is not very common to carry a toolbox, it is common in some specific jobs or even inside the house. This is a small toolbox, but a large one can weigh twice or triple, if you have heavier tools and instruments that may need to be loaded like a drill, for example.


University backpack with:

– Computer and charger

– Three books

– A folder

– A holster

– Wallet

– Keys

– Headphones

– Mobile

6 kgs

That's right, the backpack of an average college student can weigh as much as a small toolbox. The university students, paradoxically, can become the people who move the most and move day by day because they use public transport and change their classrooms from time to time.


Party bag with:

– Wallet

– Lip

– Keys

– Mobile

0.6 kg

If you are going to party, it is advisable not to go too heavy or with too many things in your hand. The ideal is an envelope or a wallet that you can cross over your shoulder. During the night you will carry less than a kilo more if you take only what is absolutely necessary.

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Office briefcase with:

– Computer and charger

– Schedule

– Cartridge with spheres

– Folder

– Glasses case

– Wallet

– Keys


It seems that this is the average weight of what a student and a professional loads. The difference here would reside in that with the use of the backpack the weight is distributed equally in both shoulders. With a tertiary or handle case, a single arm or shoulder carries the full weight.


Diaper bag with:

– Bottle with milk

– Diapers

– Change of clothes for the baby

– a snack (bag of cookies)

– Sunscreen

– Antibacterial disinfectant gel


The average mother and father must carry many more things besides the diaper bag: their personal bag, the baby's car, etc. So we must ensure that the diaper is as light as possible. The website baby center recommends loading, in addition to what we list here in our diaper bag, wet towels, a small hand towel and a blanket. The specialized site says that as extra items you can take a toy or padded books for children and a small kit of small aids. However, these extras can be loaded in the baby's car to carry on your shoulders as little weight as possible.


Tote bag (or cloth bag) with:

– Water bottle

– Sunscreen

– A book

– A make-up cartridge

– Wallet

– Keys

– Headphones

– Cell phone with charger

– Glasses case

3.5 kgs

This is what a woman or man would normally carry in a bag or backpack on a normal day. Tote bags have been the latest trend in casual bags but remember that they are a little insecure (since they are cloth bags and do not close) and recharge the weight in just one shoulder.

These weights should be taken into account when you go out for work, the office, the gym, etc. Try to distribute the weight equally, remember that you can be fashionable without suffering and most importantly: within fashion what suits you.


LatinAmerican Post | Juliana Rodríguez Pabón

Translated from "Esto es lo que pasa en un bolso promedio"

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