This is why you Can’t Miss Okupas: one of the Best Argentine Series Coming to Netflix

With some changes, this successful Argentine series, considered one of the best productions in the history of this country, lands on the streaming platform.

Still from the series 'Okupas'

With an 11-episode season, this Ideas del Sur production – directed by Bruno Stagnaro – quickly became an unprecedented phenomenon on Argentine television. Photo: YT-Netflix

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Netflix is becoming more and more interested in Latin American content. In this case, we see that the Okupas series arrives on its platform, a series from the 2000s that reflects the political and social reality that existed in Argentina at that time , but that also established parallels with the history of Latin America itself.

With a season of 11 episodes, this Ideas del Sur production –with Bruno Stagnaro's direction- quickly became an unprecedented phenomenon on Argentine television , to the point of being considered one of the best series of all time, which still has a sizable fan base today.

Well, Netflix announced that this production lands on the platform, with a main change: it will be remastered. This means that the image quality will be higher than what was offered at the time on television. Well, let's see why Okupas is a series that you should not miss.

Squats: social criticism and raw stories

The first thing to say is that this series has a strong political nexus typical of Latin America at the beginning of the new millennium . This production narrates the 2001 crisis in Argentina that led to the change of 5 presidents in one week , poverty, unemployment, unrest and social unrest.

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Squats appear in that conflictive political and social context. This urban story shows us the decadence of the society that was lived at the end of the 90's in this country, where we met the story of Ricardo (the mythical character of Rodrigo de la Serna), a middle-class boy who has three friends: El Pollo , Walter and El Chiqui .

They have an old house as a meeting point, of which they are "ocupas" (invaders) . There they will live different typical incidents of that time, such as drug trafficking, crime, love, friendship and betrayals. All this may seem cliché, but there is an exceptional issue that distinguishes it from hundreds of productions: the harshness with which each experience is portrayed.

The truth is that this group of 4 does not have a solid union in terms of friendship, but their only link is the lack of their own stories, result of poverty and the absence of opportunities that the country generated. In other words, each one suffers from a different reality, but everyone can empathize with their peers and that strengthens the relationship as the chapters progress.

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Those young people from Latin America who have lived through that time will immediately feel identified, regardless of the social status they have had. That is to say, the series also shows a period state, where street attitudes – and even vandalism – had nothing to do with the technological boom that we see today.

At a time when houses are the safest refuge that exists to protect themselves from COVID-19, the paradigm of years ago showed that, for many people, the street was the only space where they felt free .

In other words, the street is one more protagonist, not only because of the thousands of people who lived there as a result of the economic crises, but also because it was the only place that the characters had for themselves. This "marginality" is also reflected in the narrative style itself, as it is not a series with a millionaire budget, but rather appeals to simplicity .

On this occasion, Netflix will not only be in charge of giving a higher image quality to the productions, but also the soundtrack will be updated . In this case, due to copyright they could not use the original soundtrack, so the music will be in charge of Santiago Motorizado, leader of the Argentine rock group Él Mató a un Policía Motorizado.

In short, the arrival of Okupas on Netflix is great news that shows the platform's interest in Latin American productions. In this case, it is an essential miniseries for all those who love simple, street stories and with a strong social criticism that shows the lives of those that the system cannot include, since it is not only a series based on the past, but also it also reflects current conflicts that have yet to be resolved. Do not miss it!

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