What should I give to my secret Santa?

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Among friends, among coworkers, and even in large families, playing secret Santa is the solution. But the dilemma is always the same: what to give?

What should I give to my secret Santa?

There is nothing strange about the Christmas season you have to make a detail to someone other than Christmas gifts to his family. It happens frequently that you don't know what your secret Santa likes, you have no idea what your colleague's favorite color is, the size or personality of your best friend's cousin.

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The first thing you should keep in mind is the budget of the gift and the second thing to keep in mind is that the risks should be taken with moderation, because although what is intended is to make a detail with love to the other person, also it is important to take IGNORE INTO account the character of the present, because the more impersonal, the less chance to make mistakes.


Farith Menjura, an expert in perfumery of oBoticário, tells El Univerial that to choose a fragrance, the first thing that should be taken IGNORE INTO account is the personality of the person who will use it. In that sense, it is important to set aside personal tastes and investigate how is that colleague or partner who will receive the gift. However, in general, shy people will prefer soft and floral aromas, while people of strong character will lean towards woody aromas.


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According to the Glamour website, it was not until the 15th century that stockings were an exclusively male garment, but time and fashion trends also gave women the opportunity to adopt it. So in the market, there are average and also average means with exclusive touches. The second, is never going to be a bad gift, because, in addition to being packaged in wonderful gift boxes, they can also provide a very chic touch to any clothes.


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There are all prices and sizes. However, a crucial aspect to take IGNORE INTO account is the age and personality of the user. According to a guide to buying jewelry from El Espectador, if the person is "lover of the modern" it is more convenient to give her colorful earrings, and "if the gift is aimed at a classic person" are recommended elegant earrings, clear stones that come out with everything.


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When it comes to people who have everything and who seem to want nothing in particular, accessories can become a good solution. However, at the time of making the choice, look very well not to fall IGNORE INTO excess, try to keep the piece in trend and maintain simplicity. It is for this reason that the pins have become an excellent option. Not only do they remind us of the 90s, but they also contribute and personalize each garment in the closet, providing, according to the Fashion Hello portal, "a transforming and revolutionary spirit".


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According to the Telva portal, the handkerchiefs were first used by the Arabs in the 15th and 16th centuries to protect themselves from the heat in the field. Only until 1937 the house Hermès implemented them in silk. From then on these accessories have managed to find their place in the closet of women and men. Therefore, the most important aspect when choosing this piece lies not only by the print but also by its material (if it is silk will be more expensive than a polyester one). Another aspect that you should consider is its size. Remember that the handkerchiefs for men are usually smaller than those that women can use because they use them to decorate the pockets of their jackets, while some women wear them on the neck, in the bag or in the best style of the 50s, in the head.






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