Where was Selena Gomez?

After months without addressing her 185 million followers on Instagram, the singer surprises with a candid video message with her best style .

Selena Gomez

After being disconnected for a while, Selena Gómez republished on her social networks. / Photo: instagram.com/selenagomez

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Selena was the queen of social networks, her millions of followers awaited day after day the publications of the artist who for months stopped conquering them with her daily videos and photos, publishing sporadically without delivering much information.

But the abandonment has not been total, apparently Selena has wanted to detoxify from what it has meant psychologically to be a recognized star linked to social networks that were an open book of her private life and preferred to fight for a social cause involving her connections and distancing herself out of respect for what is experienced globally by the pandemic.

Her latest posts are linked to the Black Lives Matter movement, to which Selena has exclusively dedicated her feedback in recent months, only with sporadic photos of her life.

She recently released a video in response to her fans' concern in which the singer wanted to explain the reason for this parenthesis on networks where she tells the true reason for her silence.


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"I want to send you this message quickly because I know that lately I haven't been publishing much content," explains Selena, with a fresh and attractive image, as always. “I just wanted them to know that I love them and that I miss them so much. Also, there are many exciting things to come that I want to share with all of you. ”

“What has happened is that earlier this year, with everything that was happening in the world, I felt that it was not appropriate to publish things that were too joyous or worthy of celebration. Assimilating all of this has been very hard for me and that's why I have taken time to really learn about what is happening. This is now my only priority, "says Selena.

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The artist, who explains why she distanced herself from social media, adds points in her favor, contrary to many others who were criticized for showing their moments of isolation in luxurious houses while the world suffers from socially critical situations.

And she ended her video saying that: “In any case, I wanted to let you know that from now on I will be a little more present in your lives. I am going to send you a lot of love and I am going to teach you many more things about my personal life and what I have been doing this time. Thank you for being here and thanks above all for always supporting me. I will speak to you again very soon. ”

What will Selena bring for all her fans? Apparently the mystery continues but she already hinted to return with news for her followers.


The official video for Past Life is out now! What do you guys think? @iamtrevordaniel

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