Who are the artists that will perform at Sónar 2018?

Sónar Bogotá brings to the Colombian capital some of the most famous artists of electronic music in  November

Who are the artists that will perform at Sónar 2018?

Sónar Bogotá will be held in the capital of Colombia with artists such as Garnier, Fatima Al Qadiri, Benjamin Damage, Vitalic, HVOB, Kobolsi and Georgia Anguili, Julio Victoria, Verraco and Ha$lopablito. Who are they? What genre do they represent? Here we tell you everything related to this festival.

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What is Sónar Bogotá about?

Sónar Bogotá is an electronic music festival that brings together some of the most famous exponents of the genre, whether international or national artists. According to the newspaper El Espectador, the Sónar Bogotá has been held for 4 years and has had a great reception among the capital and in general among Colombians.

In the current year, this festival will be held at La Carpa de Las Américas on November 17 . The ticket prices are between 100 thousand pesos and 200 thousand Colombian pesos (approximately 31 dollars) according Tu Boleta.

Who are the international artists?

Sónar Bogotá has made a great effort to bring to the country some of the most relevant artists of the moment in terms of electronic music. The radio station Radiónica gives us the profile of these international artists.

Giorgio Anguili: she is one of the most outstanding Italian artists when it comes to music related to the house, techno and pop genres. Her career has transcended so much that her presentations move between two continents: America and Europe.

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Benjamin Dammage: this Welsh artist gained fame in Berlin clubs when his career was taking off. Now, it is one of the greatest exponents of electronic music for a decade. According to Radiónica, his most famous album is Heliosphere and was produced by the 50 weapons label.

Vitalic: He is one of the best artists of the moment. The aforementioned station says that "the native of France is either a producer or a DJ, his label is unmistakable. One that gives the electro and the techno finesse without losing strength for the track."

Laurent Garnier: the "musketeer" of France is a living legend when it comes to the house and techno genres. He is one of the most experienced artists in the scene being a top DJ for 30 years in a row.

Fatima Al Qadiri: the African quota is represented by this Senegalese, who is currently in the German capital, which receives the highest exponents of the genre. His music combines contemporary beats with Senegalese music, an expression of sensations and emotions in a single artist.

HVOB: The ocean quota is covered by these two Australians that make up HVOB. As Radiónica explains, their career in these last 10 years have been highlighted, as well as their music.

Kobolsi: This German artist is one of the greatest exponents of electronic music in his country and represents the new wave of Berlin electronic music combining the traditional bits with the new rhythms of the moment.

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Latin America at Sónar

Ha$lopablito: This artist is one of the pioneers in Colombia to combine electronic music with the trap genre. His music is striking due to the political and social slogans of his songs.

Verraco: Verraco is a DJ from the Antioquia department in Colombia. He sees in electronic music an instrument of social denunciation.

Julio Victoria: He is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding artists of this genre in Colombia. His tours go from America to Europe and Asia.

Bogotá, then, will host one of the largest electronic music festivals in the South American region. Sonar is a must for fans of electronic music.


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