World Rock Day: Women on Stage

The participation of women in the musical stages has always been full of good vibes and a lot of talent.

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In the midst of a world marked by segregation and sometimes a certain suspicion, women have given a few touches of grace, bringing the best of rock music everywhere.

To talk about women in rock, it is necessary to mention that this genre has a special day: July 13. And this day was chosen, because on July 13, but in 1985 the Live Aid concert was held in cities such as London, Philadelphia, Sydney, and Moscow.

It was a charity event, to help the victims of hunger in Africa. Led Zeppelin, The Who, Black Sabbath, Queen, Sting, were some of the artists who joined this event. Likewise, Duran Duran, U2, Scorpions, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, and Phil Collins, among others. As some would say: Pure rock, and good.

Rock has always been a delight for all generations, to a greater or lesser degree, in all homes something of this genre has been heard, regardless of race, social condition, or age. It is a genre that fits into various situations, in fact, many world events are represented in rock songs.

Colombian Rock

Tania Moreno, a former member of the Genesis rock band and very knowledgeable about the rock movement in Colombia, assures that this began with great enthusiasm in the '60s, with the intention of giving a boost to rock in Colombia and that the genre would develop in the best way.

“Unfortunately the history of rock in Colombia has had a lot of ups and downs, lack of support from the entertainment industry. Rock is often associated with other kinds of things.”

According to her, at first, women did not have much space in rock. However, she referred to Ángela Isaza, who played drums in the band La Gran Sociedad Del Estado. In addition to this drummer, names such as Elsa Riveros and Lila Jaramillo, from the group Pasaporte, very famous in the '80s, stand out in the music scene. Likewise Silvia Ospina, from Código de Medellín, Polikarpa and Sus Viciosas, and Andrea Echeverry, from Aterciopelados, among others.

At first, there was no strong female rock movement, rock musicians were macho, they said that "Women were never going to play rock because they didn't have the breath to carry an electric guitar… Everything changed little by little, women began to creep in slowly. But, the uncovering of women was through Rock al Parque, where very good bands performed.”


Currently, there is a strong movement of women all playing bass. "It has to do with the rhythm because women have more rhythm than men, that draws attention." Modernity, she says, has allowed many women to stand out, for example, Elsa Riveros from Pasaporte. "I think that the woman who wants to venture into rock can do it quietly."

When asked about the female figures that have made history in national rock, she refers to Elsa Riveros, from Pasaporte and Andrea Echeverry. “They have been the most important, most international female figures. For me, they are the most important rock women in Colombia.”

Rock, With a Woman’s Name

Oscar Forero is a journalist, with extensive experience in the media and in cultural matters, narrator and audiovisual producer, and has extensive knowledge in a genre such as rock.

To talk about the role of women in rock, it is important, as he says, to travel in the time tunnel, some 100 years ago, and mention artists who have marked a historical significance. It has always been said that Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry are the fathers of rock. But, it is important to mention that in 1919, Rosetta Tharpe appears. She, imposed a style to the rhythm of blues, gospel. "Her songs were heard with a certain rage, with fury, and that is one of the main characteristics of rock."

Rosetta Tharpe, began to mark a milestone in history giving way to figures like Etta James, Big Mama Thornton, although her style leaned more towards the blues. "There are a lot of women in this scene, you could almost mention one per decade."

Here are some women, who, according to this expert, deserve special mention: Cyndi Lauper and Patti Smith, who generated an aesthetic through her lyrics, very much in the style of Bob Dylan.

Whitney Houston, more on the ballad side. Madonna, with great influence in the '80s, not only because of her foray into rock. "It was revealed to a society where the feminist discourse was a bit visionary, for what it is today, that it is more natural."

In recent years in Latin America characters like Mon Laferte have been presented, and Andrea Echeverry could not be ignored. "She is currently part of an activism focused on ecology."

It is impossible not to mention Tina Turner -The queen of rock-, more than half a century on the scene, since the mid-'50s, she retired from the stage, in 2009. She sold more than 200 million records all over the world.

And to finish some references of this great genre in which women have sung and played very loudly: Janis Joplin, Joan Jett, Courtney Love, Dolores O'Riordan, Björk, Alanis Morissette, Shirley Manson, Amy Lee, among others.

"There are many characters who throughout the history of music have become great icons and references, and who are very representative within the history of rock."

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