Facebook’s New Hub To Keep Women Safe From Online Abuse

Facebook released Women's Safety Hub to keep women safe on the platform.

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The abuse that women receive online is disproportional compare to men. From fake profiles to bullying and harassment, Facebook is ensuring to keep abuse out of service. To do so, they have numerous tools, which include setting strong passwords, using security checkups, and getting alerts about unrecognized devices.

On the Women's Safety Hub official website, the company states: "We take a comprehensive approach to making our platform a safer place for women, including writing clear policies, engaging with experts and developing cutting-edge technology to help prevent abuse from happening in the first place."

Monika Bickert, Head of Global Policy Management at Facebook, assures that the company has a team to ensure that they are keeping women safe. This group of people is building engineering tools to help find any content that may be unsafe quickly to remove it from the site. Facebook offers tools that give control to the users and help them prevent harassment, like blocking someone and hiding or deleting harmful comments. By reporting any strange or uncomfortable situation, Facebook takes care of the problem and tries to solve it as soon as possible.

Women's Safety Hub keeps developing new tools to make women's experience safer and more empowering.

Bickert assures that the company's mission is to help people build communities and make meaningful connections. Facebook wants to make sure that women have an equal opportunity to participate safely in these communities. Here are some tools you can use to ensure your well-being on the site.

1. Unfriend or Block People You Don’t Want To Stay Connected With

To unfriend someone, go to that person's profile, hover over the "Friends" button at the top and select "Unfriend." The site won't notify the person that you removed them from your friends' list.

On the other hand, blocking is a privacy feature provided by Facebook very long ago. It is dedicated to preventing few people from contacting you and also prevents you from showing your information to them. Blocking is reciprocal, so you won't see what they post or start conversations with them. This is a great tool, especially for women that are being harassed on the platform.


2. Report Inappropriate Content

If you find a post that goes against the app's Community Standards, like violence, hate speech, or nudity, you can use the report link near the content itself. This is the best way to prevent spam and harmful posts. Once you've made the report, Facebook will notify you about the status and if the problem was solved.

3. Take a Break From Someone on Facebook

You can take a break from an ex's Facebook profile by changing your relationship status to single, divorced, or when you leave it blank. You can also take a break from your friends. By doing so, you will see less of them on your feed and limit their ability to see your posts. You can also edit who sees your past posts. To see their posts again, you can follow them.

4. Define Your Circle

You can snooze, follow, and unfollow people to define your circle better on Facebook. If you snooze a person, a page, or a group, you won't see their posts on your feed for 30 days. When you follow someone, you can see their posts on your news feed. When you are friends with someone, the app instantly follows them. If you decided to unfollow a person, you won't see their posts but will remain friends.

Check out the Women's Safety Hub page to check all the tools and updates that will help you to keep safe on the platform.

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