Guide To The Best Toys For Each Age

Here we tell you which are the most suitable toys for each stage of childhood

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Christmas is one of the most popular celebrations in the world. However, the way to celebrate it depends a lot on the place and the culture that embraces it. In Latin American countries, Christmas is interwoven with the strength of traditions. In Colombia, for example, they receive it on December 7, lighting up its streets with candles and lanterns. In the case of Chilean tables, a Christmas dinner with Easter bread and its traditional drink "monkey tail" is enjoyed.

Each culture has its Christmas tradition and of course, within these customs, gifts cannot be missing. Gifts for mothers, uncles, grandparents, friends, and, above all, gifts for boys and girls.

According to the National Federation of Colombian Merchants (FENALCO), the Christmas season represents 40% of toy store sales, as many people seek to brighten up a boy or girl's Christmas with a toy.

Despite this, many of these gifts end up in the trash in less than 1 year. Either because it broke down or because it just wasn't as entertaining for that infant.

For this reason, we have designed a guide that can help you find the most convenient and productive toys according to age.

From 0 To 6 Months Of Age:

When a human is just starting to live, they need to stimulate their senses. Beyond buying a toy that simply entertains the baby, it is very useful to find a gift that encourages psychomotor development and promotes learning. That is why it is best to look for toys that help him discover his body and distinguish different shapes, colors, and textures.

Some of these stimulating toys for this stage of life can be baby gyms. By playing with the different objects that make up this gym, they help coordinate the movements of the little one's hands and feet.

Another option, which optimizes these infants' well-being and development, is musical rattles. This star gift will surely be the first object that the baby grasps with his little hands. In addition, music will be a perfect ally to develop the sense of hearing.

From 7 To 12 Months Of Age:

This is a stage of great changes. Here, many babies begin to crawl, sit up, take their first steps, and even speak their first words. Also, they begin to recognize voices and explore the objects around them.

At this age, his understanding ability increases significantly, as he manages to understand basic concepts such as: yes, no, inside, above, or outside. So toys like balls, cubes to fit and stack or stories with textures and sounds can be fruitful for the healthy development of your mind.

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From 1 To 2 Years Of Age:

Boys and girls of this age already know how to walk and recognize the properties of objects. In addition, they are acquiring the ability to be more independent, and are even capable of memorizing simple series.

That is why thinking about toys that allow you to explore the world around them is the most ideal. Toys such as runners, walkers, and tricycles are the right ones to help them take their first steps.

There are different models of toys to move around. You can find corridors with lights and sounds and there are also wooden ones with blocks inside to create shapes.

From 3 To 5 Years Old:

To give the ideal toy to creatures of this age, it is essential to first know how their development process is and what changes they are experiencing.

At this stage, the child's motor area presents many changes. Since then he can run agilely, jump, and avoid angles and corners. For this reason, a bicycle or skates can be very useful.

In terms of linguistic development, his progress is increasingly notable, since the repertoire of phonemes is increasing, as is the composition of his sentences. So toys, such as stories or blackboards, can help gradually prepare them for writing and reading.

From 5 To 8 Years Old:

At this age, infants generally communicate, understand rules, can memorize songs, can add, subtract, read, and write. In addition, it is much easier to give him a toy that suits his personality, because his abilities are more and more noticeable.

Toys such as construction sets such as Lego tiles, board games, musical instruments, or even craft kits are the most appropriate gifts to strengthen their skills and stimulate their creativity.

From 8 To 10 Years Old:

When you are at this age, it is very common to face greater academic challenges or to be interested in sports activities. Likewise, boys and girls from 8 to 10 years old have a greater capacity for reflection, analysis, and attention.

Taking the above into account, the most recommended gifts for these ages are strategy and reflection board games, sports items, and even scientific experiments; that can help increase your investigative and analytical capacity.

More Than 12 Years Of Age:

Here, it is very noticeable that little by little the desire to play is disappearing and perhaps that makes finding the most suitable toy more complex. However, gifts that contribute to the development of their identity and their abilities are the best.

If the tastes are scientific, there are archeology or meteorology kits that could guide your analytical skills. Or if the inclination is more artistic, paintings, sketchbooks, and musical instruments such as ukuleles, guitars, or pianos, can bring significant benefits for memory, and attention and also contribute to the increase in the IQ of pre-adolescents.

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