Infographic: Breathing Techniques to Manage Anxiety

With these breathing techniques to manage anxiety you can control small episodes and panic attacks

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We show you some breathing techniques to manage anxiety. Photo: LatinAmerican Post

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Our present time is full of stressors that create constant anxiety. In the modern world it is much more difficult to control our moods in a simple way, because everything moves too quickly and time seems to be shorter as responsibilities get bigger. This directly affects our mental health, how we relate to our environment and results in a constant feeling of anxiety. This can come in small anxious episodes or become panic attacks that put our day-to-day at stake.

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Here are some breathing techniques to manage anxiety:

Breathing Techniques to Manage Anxiety

These are some of the techniques that can help you the most to overcome a moment of anxiety. Use them every time you see an episode of this type coming. We also recommend practicing them daily to be able to even prevent these anxious moments from appearing frequently.


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