Plants Can Help You Improve your Mental Health

Here we tell you all you need to know about the benefits of caring for plants in your home.

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Recent study ensures that indoor plants help improve people’s mental health. Photo: Unsplash

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Undoubtedly, the pandemic exacerbated mental health problems in humans , since the vast majority of the countries of the world were forced to decree strict isolations in order to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus and this in turn had a negative effect on the balance of emotions of almost all people.

However, mental health concerns are not a recent topic. On the contrary, for years there has been talk of the need to treat it with the same importance that it treats a physical problem since both have a close relationship in the proper functioning of human life.

Although there is currently a lot of taboo in society to accept that there are certain disorders that must be analyzed with specialists and that can really represent a risk, the truth is that society must gradually understand that it is normal for everyone in some moment a psychological imbalance happens to us and it is important that it is seen in a professional way.

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In our current medicine there are different types of therapies and medications to treat mental disorders that are of great help, depending on what is being treated or the severity of it. However, a new international study carried out by the Urban Nature and Biosystem Engineering Research Group (Naturib), of the University of Seville, ensures that indoor plants help improve people's mental health .

Findings in the study

Although the research study found that the majority of people surveyed preferred outdoor vegetation over indoor vegetation, only 3.3% reported no plants inside the home . A great influence was also found on the emotional state of people who have indoor vegetation in contrast to those who have plants in their gardens.

In this sense, 73.7% said that developing the habit of caring for plants inside their homes during the pandemic significantly helped their mood , in which feelings such as joy, calm and optimism predominated. On the other hand, negative feelings such as stress, sadness, fear and depression decreased.

Likewise, it was established that the physical state that plants develop are responsible for generating a visual stimulus that is considered aesthetically pleasing and, therefore, this contributes to reducing stress and releasing tension.

Benefits of indoor plants

In addition to contributing to emotional stabilization in humans, indoor plants also bring great benefits in the home:

  1. They purify the environment : According to NASA, some plants such as the Bamboo palm, the rubber tree and the peace flower are the best at removing pollutants found in the air.
  2. They help concentration : It has been shown that indoor plants contribute significantly to the optimization of neurological functions and contribute to good performance in daily tasks.
  3. They stimulate creativity : The fresh aroma of plants and flowers near the work or study area, allow an increase in productivity, generating new ideas that enhance activities.
  4. Taking care of them is relaxing : Having indoor plants is a responsibility as they become another task, but contrary to other activities, they give moments of peace and reflection. Therefore, this commitment helps to develop empathy and patience with other people, since enjoying their growth is a process worth appreciating.


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