Discover Miami’s Culinary Magic with The Burger Beast Scavenger Hunt and Gayo Azul’s Cheese Extravag

As the vibrant city of Miami gears up for yet another gastronomic delight, all eyes are set on Westchester, a hidden culinary jewel.

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Here, on September 10th at noon, an epicurean adventure awaits enthusiasts at the Burger Beast Scavenger Hunt and Burger Popup Extravaganza, an event marking the 15th Blogiversary of the renowned Burger Beast. Behind this mouth-watering festivity? None other than Gayo Azul, the famous Caribbean Hispanic cheesemakers with a Dutch influence.

The 15th Blogiversary festivities for Burger Beast are proudly sponsored by Gayo Azul, Orion Fuels, Johnny Cuba Beer, PINCHO, El Rey de las Fritas, and edible South Florida. For those not familiar with Westchester, Florida, it's conveniently accessible from the Bird Road – West exit when driving south on the Palmetto Expressway.  Participants can tackle the scavenger hunt solo or in a group of up to 5. Regardless of your choice, a ticket ($20) is required to join. All necessary details for the hunt will be disclosed to participants at the starting point: Mojo Donuts, located at 8870 SW 40th Street. 

There's an enticing grand prize up for grabs – a must-win for food enthusiasts! This culinary journey doesn't just end with a trophy; it promises a grand prize that's every cheese lover's dream—a lavish $150 worth of Gayo Azul Cheese. A treasure, indeed! And the starting point of this hunt? Mojo Donuts on 8870 SW 40th Street, where attendees get to unravel the event specifics and lay their hands on a curated gift bag.

But here's the catch—while the scavenger hunt is in full swing, a parallel fiesta unfolds from 11 AM to 4 PM at the Mojo Donuts venue. It's the Cruz Diablo Burger Popup, where the star attraction is the delectable El Hijo de la Gran Frita Burger. What makes it stand out? The harmonious infusion of Gayo Azul's creamy Gouda Cheese, known for its firm consistency and a hint of saltiness.

Diving deep into Gayo Azul's legacy, it’s evident how the brand has intricately interwoven Dutch and Hispanic cheesemaking traditions since the 1950s. A range of cheeses from their assortment—be it the Cotija, Dutch Edam, European Swiss, Queso Blanco, or Queso Para Freir—epitomizes this fusion. Available across numerous retail outlets, these cheeses have found a special place in countless households.

Josh Rosen, the Brand Manager at Gayo Azul, couldn't contain his enthusiasm, "Joining the Burger Beast Blogiversary event in Miami is a moment of pride for us. With Gayo Azul being a staple in many kitchens, this celebration feels close to home."

Echoing this sentiment, the man behind Burger Beast, Sef Gonzalez, added, "Gayo Azul’s rich Miami heritage and our Blogiversary make for a perfect blend. Our Cheese Loving community is set for a memorable day."

Want to be part of this culinary fest? Grab your tickets, priced at $20, by following this link:

For those curious about the cheese magic that Gayo Azul weaves, head over to their official website or their social media handles on Facebook and Instagram. Likewise, to delve into Burger Beast's world and its creator, Sef Gonzalez's journey from a humble blog in 2008 to Miami's culinary icon, visit

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