Ukraine’s Ambassador to the UN: “We Must be Patient and Remain Resilient”

The Ukrainian ambassador spoke this Friday before the UN in response to criticism that the Ukrainian counteroffensive is slow .

Sergiy Kyslytsya

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The Ukrainian ambassador to the UN, Sergiy Kyslytsya, on Friday rejected criticism that the Ukrainian counteroffensive is too slow, and defended that it is necessary to be "patient" and "resilient" with the development of the war against Russian troops.

"We must be patient and remain resilient," he said during a speech at the Estoril Conferences, an event held about 25 kilometers from Lisbon, where he considered that the war conflict is now entering a new phase.

What is Ukraine's strategy?

Kyslytsya assured that both in Ukraine and in the rest of the world they want the war to end "as soon as possible", but recalled that "what happens there is not a Hollywood movie or a video game".

"It is a real war and a real tragedy," he said, and assured that the biggest concern of the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, and the government is how to win with the minimum possible human losses.

"We will win. (Russian President Vladimir) Putin cannot win," he settled.

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And what is Putin's?

Ukraine's representative to the United Nations also considered that Putin thought that the more he attacked his country, the more willing they would be to "sit down and discuss territorial concessions."

"It's the opposite. The more we suffer, the more resilient we are," he insisted.

The Estoril Conferences, a forum that brings together international figures from fields such as politics or business every year, celebrate their 8th edition this Friday and Saturday with the motto "Rehumanize our world".

According to information from EFE, despite the criticism that the Ukrainian army has received, accusing its counter-offensive as slow, the US confirmed a notable advance on Friday in the south of the country.

On the other hand, the Kremlin also warned London this Friday against the production of weapons in Ukraine; while Russia continues during the weekend receiving drone attacks.

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