Your baby is already here! 7 tips you should know during the postpartum

There are a series of tips that every mother must take IGNORE INTO account to cross the postpartum with the greatest possible tranquility

Contrary to what many may think, postpartum is not reduced to a few weeks after giving birth to your baby. On the contrary, it may take you some months to adjust to the physical and emotional changes that appear at this stage.

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However, there is a series of cares that every mother should take IGNORE INTO account to cross the postpartum with the greatest possible tranquility:

1. Start breastfeeding immediately: according to the baby's ABC newspaper, immediate breastfeeding, in addition to the benefits it brings to the child, will help you lose weight faster. In addition, during the first days, you will experience very strong contractions that occur because the uterus seeks to recover its normal size, and breast stimulation contributes to this process is optimal.

2. Rest for as long as possible: the first few days, while you get used to the baby's sleep and breastfeeding schedules, will be a bit difficult. Ideally, you should fit IGNORE INTO your routine and rest when he does it to recover energy and resume your activities later.

3. Hygiene: according to the mother, the first days there is a removal of tissue and blood accumulated in the uterus, with heavy bleeding. Generally, these do not have an unpleasant odor but they need a correct hygiene of the external genitalia between 3 and 5 times per day. To do this, you can dissolve a spoonful of antiseptic iodine in a liter of warm, boiled water, or simply wash with water and neutral soap.

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4. Hydrate your skin: the diary report 21 ensures that hydration is essential before, during and after pregnancy to help the skin is nourished and prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Try to drink water constantly, use moisturizers or oils, such as coconut, to massage your body, including your breasts and to avoid sagging tissues.

5. Move your body: after childbirth, stillness is very important. However, you can start with very slow walks that stimulate circulation, prevent constipation and help you reverse excess weight. Also, getting in touch with nature will help you release tension and stress.

6. Food: try to modify your food routine in order to promote breastfeeding. Incorporate fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meats, cereals and plenty of water IGNORE INTO your diet.

7. Do not demand too much: the hormonal changes, lack of sleep and anxiety that come with having a child can make you feel overwhelmed or extremely sad these first days. Understand that your bad mood is normal and do not blame yourself if things go wrong. Instead, do things that help you raise your energy.


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