Beyond Tesla: Other Big Companies Leading Electric Car Manufacturing

Companies such as Ford, Volkswagen, Rivian, Nissan and Einride are committed to competing in the sale of electric cars to Tesla Motors and surpassing it in the future.

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For many years, the manufacture of electric cars has generated fierce competition in the market to see who is the brand that manages to sell the most electric cars year after year. And in that sense, Tesla Motors, from 2003 to date, has become one of the companies that manages to sell the most cars in the United States and one of the most desired by people in the territory.

According to the data provided by the weekly newspaper Automotive news , which is designed for those who love the automotive industry, in the first half of 2022 Tesla sold 113,882 cars in the United States, that is, Elon Musk's brand managed to increase its sales by 59% compared to last year. An outstanding figure, since it supersedes other large companies such as BMW, Lexus or Mercedes-Benz.

Given this scenario, in the following article we propose to meet other great companies that are conquering spaces in terms of the manufacture and subsequent sale of electric cars throughout the world. Ford, Volkswagen, Rivian, Nissan and Einride have quite big and ambitious claims.


In order to remain competitive in the market, Ford recently announced that it will only sell 100% electric cars in Europe from 2030 . An ambitious proposal that would end the gasoline engine. This innovative measure will mean an investment of 1,000 million dollars in the factory that it has in Cologne, Germany. It is the largest investment in its entire history and with this they hope to in turn generate thousands of new jobs and continue to grow constantly.


Another company looking to overtake Tesla is Volkswagen, which aims to be the largest electric car maker in a couple of years. The task does not seem easy, but the truth is that they could do it, especially since what they plan to do is give a qualitative and quantitative leap to their different locations, and in turn produce cars that do not increase their price so strongly. The coronavirus pandemic, the current inflation facing the world and the Russian invasion of Ukraine are the main obstacles.

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Founded in 2009, Rivian needs to settle down, and with the help of Amazon, one of its main shareholders, it could do so. However, they are currently going through a compromising situation, and their shares have fallen to historical lows. In the last quarter of 2021, according to the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (Nasdaq), Rivian lost $2.4 billion, which after a promising start means it will have to reinvent itself again. The keys may be to encourage investment, improve the product and speed up the pace of its deliveries, or it could hit rock bottom.


It will not be the best time, but Nissan plans to turn around and take advantage of all its accumulated experience to create, together with its Nimo brand, sportier and highly competitive electric vehicles. This Japanese car factory is also widely recognized globally, and has a strong presence in the old continent. For the same reason, the creation of cars with electrical systems and the commitment to the use of state-of-the-art technology could leave Nissan very well placed in this "battle".


We end this list with an innovative proposal that comes from Sweden. In Einride they want to be the first to design and produce an electric truck that does not need to be driven by someone, with an XL version included and that would be driven by using a remote control, as if from an animated Disney movie of the century XX it was. The same company has stated that not having a driver's cab will lower costs and be quite competitive in the market in relation to other companies that sell trucks. Through technology and the creation of a command center, Einride wants to get ahead of everyone and in 2023 there could be news . For now, we will have to wait to see if this project sees the light.

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