Google Fuchsia arrives while the end of Android is coming

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Experts say that the new Google could be the death sentence of the operating giant

Google Fuchsia arrives while the end of Android is coming

Many have wrongly predicted the final hail Android. However, the launch of the new Google Fuchsia, would be the final thrust for Android to begin to decline.

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Since 2016, Google has been creating expectation about an innovative multiplatform system that represents the fall of the green operator, despite the fact that one of Google's priorities has been to improve the system that today has more than 2 billion phones in the world. Different sectors are waiting.

From Android to Google

It is not a secret that Google has been developing a new platform that can be used in conjunction with the applications that Android currently has. This would mean the beginning of the disappearance of the Android System.

Different sites specialized in related topics, such as Softonic, Laptop, Hot Hardware and others, point to this development as the imminent substitution.

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Everything seems to indicate that Google is preparing to make the final leap towards a more efficient operating system that allows its use through any type of device. Overcoming the limitations of Android is the main objective.

One of the greatest novelties would lie in the implementation of artificial intelligence, so that voice interaction becomes fundamental in the future of the system.

"The idea of Google with respect to Fuchsia is to end up creating the definitive operating system, which can be executed in devices of all kinds. From smartphones to computers, through speakers, wearables or small teams oriented to the Internet of things", says Christian Collado, an expert on the Andro for All site.


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At the same time, Fuchsia aims to be a multiplatform that expands the cross-use of devices with Internet access; that is, that the tasks can be carried out simultaneously.

Google has bet everything to develop this system, an ambitious challenge, since it faces the most used and largest operational platform in the world. However, according to Laptop, Google keeps working hand in hand with Huawei and device developers to ensure that Fuchsia is compatible with the widest range of smart devices possible.

Then, according to Andro For All, it would be taken for granted that the expected end of Android is given within 5 years, while Fuchsia will begin to be implemented gradually in different smart electronic devices, such as Google Home Hub screens and Speakers.

The beginning of the end

The end of Android would not only come with the implementation of Fuchsia. The first hit given by Google is the update of the messaging, which is about to move from the domain of Android Messages to Google, with a desktop version included, similar to WhatsApp Web, following the Softonic information.

For now, this update can be found in the command, but it is expected to soon change to, which would also mean Google's strong foray into the fight with big ones like WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram.


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