Religion Apps to Find the ‘Better Half’

The Political Ideology, the Economic Status and Even the Surname have Been Triggers for Someone to Find a Partner Through the Different Dating Applications. However, a Trend has Emerged Where the Person's Religion is Crucial to Have a 'Match'.

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When looking for a partner, the impression or first image is relevant, they say that everything enters through the eyes, despite the fact that currently studies on attraction and sexuality have expanded that spectrum that everything was limited to the physical, it does not stop being essential. However, it is not the most important thing when what a person is looking for is to find an interesting individual, with whom they can talk, go out and have a stable relationship in the medium term.

The usual questions when having a first approach, especially through dating applications, are: What do you do? What do you like to do? Who do you live with? Questions that determine the social status of a person and their responsibilities and ideas. These questions, despite being a cliché, are significant to the point of deciding whether to continue talking to the other person or not. Currently, there is a boom in asking about religious and spiritual beliefs, from astrology, through monotheistic religions to atheism, and it is there that several applications have turned their attention.

Religious beliefs as the trigger to make a 'match'

It is common in families, when meeting the partner of a member, to be interested in the beliefs that person has so that if the relationship prospers, there are no misunderstandings when it comes to making a marriage official. In addition, if the couple chooses to have children, knowing that the model of upbringing and education they will receive, will not be discussed. Also, is that more and more people are using dating apps, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, people had no way to go out and have a first face-to-face approach. To show the case of Colombia, where more than 46% of the population used a dating application to meet people and more than 56% used the Internet to create a social link, figures taken from a study carried out by GoDaddy Register and the National Center Consulting.

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Harnessing Technology in Catholic Communities

From applications for reading the bible, praying the rosary and knowing the news from Rome, there are apps to flirt with people related to the Catholic religion, such as Catholic Match, Catholic Singles, Christian Cupid, these being the best rated by the users.

There is another application for single Catholics called 'App Common', created in Mexico, which has more than three thousand users, and as Lucía Navarro, one of the app's designers, explains on the Rome Reports portal, this way of interacting virtually started out of the need for people close to her to want to meet and 'connect' with someone beyond a simple outing to eat, in addition to the fact that when filtering by 'religion', the number of people to meet was chosen.

Another creator of the application, Daniel Mercado, also expressed that the purpose of the application is to find a suitable person to establish a relationship, including getting married and knowing how many children they want to have, he also expresses that they involved experts in sexuality and courtship so that advise users using the application.

Little by little, humanity is discovering more about how people associate, be it for individual or collective interest, for necessity, for compatibility, etc. There are many variables for a person to find their ideal partner, a very subjective idea, but real and that until now is beginning to be understood. Science studies all the hormonal and neural behavior behind choosing a person and, for a specific community, religion has a moral weight to decide who to choose as a sentimental partner.

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