The 5 most impressive hacks in history

Anonymous returned. Let's see what were the most significant hacks in the entire history of computer data

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Anonymous's return generated curiosity in the digital world.  The cyberactivism group returned to "expose the crimes of the United States police." In addition, Ámbito comments that its intention is to "expose corruption in the Minneapolis Police and Trump's complicity in the Epstein case," all through different digital hacks.

Although almost nobody knows how this organization operates, the reality is that they almost always achieved what they set out to do. What nobody knows is that they are not the only ones dedicated to the world of hacking, so we decided to investigate and compile the most important hacking actions in recent years.

1. Hacking Adobe in 2013

In 2013, Adobe suffered a hack on its servers that led to the release of data from more than 2.9 million accounts. According to the information provided by the Hipertextual website, it was also possible to filter the "source code of 3 applications".

Among the private information that was obtained, the names, credit and debit card numbers, the expiration date or the password to access them, among others, appear . However, from the company they had ensured that this data was encrypted, so users were then asked to change their usernames and passwords.

2. Hacking Marriot in 2018

Another large-scale computer attack, which in this case affected this world-renowned hotel chain. Basically, the personal information of more than 500 million customers, who had stayed in the hotels, was accessed.

The website of El Confidencial mentioned that the company, at the time, had a service system to deal with each of the cases involved. Thus, after the theft of addresses, names and surnames, credit cards or travel data, the company's shares fell almost six points.

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3. Hacking Facebook in 2019

Although from the company of Mark Zuckerberg they always mention that the privacy of their users is the most important thing, the reality is that this did not always happen. According to what the El País website highlights, more than 540 million data may have been exposed for a long time.

Basically, it was a data breach problem where all the information was accessible to any user, something that the UpGuard security company had detected. That is, the information was in massive databases hosted on Amazon AWS servers without any protection.

4. MyFitnessPal in 2018

Another violation to the confidentiality of the users, occurred in this case to this popular calorie tracking application, where, according to the El Sol de Argentina media website, it affected more than 150 million users on the planet.

The sports brand Under Armor, which integrated this application, had revealed that they suffered a hack that allowed an unauthorized person to access the information of these users, being able to see users and passwords.

5. Hacking Yahoo in 2013

Finally, we can find out about the biggest hacking case in history. In this case, we observe that in 2013 all the accounts that this company had were stolen, with truly alarming figures.

The Xataka page comments that "it was not only the 500 million profiles at the beginning, but later they went up to 1.5 billion accounts", although some people believe that it could have doubled. Basically, real names, users, passwords, conversations or personal information were accessed, so we now know that we must take care of our data.

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