Another record in FIFA Women World Cup! USA 13, Thailand 0

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The American women's soccer team scored the most goals in a World Cup match

Alex Morgan y Rose Lavelle usando el uniforme de la selección femenina de Estados Unidos

The US women's team dominated the Thailand team with a convincing 13-0 victory in their debut in the 2019 World Cup competition in France. Alex Morgan scored five goals for the Americans, who have achieved the highest margin of victory in the history of the World Cup both female and male.

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The records achieved in the match

The US players, who currently occupy the No. 1 spot in the tournament rankings and are the defending champions, broke the previous set goals record set in 1954, when Austria beat Switzerland 7-5 in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in its masculine modality for the total of a combination of 12 goals.

The World Sputnik portal indicates that "This is the biggest win in the history of the World Cups, thus overcoming the 'beating' of Hungary in 1982, in the Men's World Cup held in Spain, in El Salvador. 10 to 1 to the Central American team". While the biggest beating in a women's World Cup was the team of Germany after defeating Argentina by an 11-0 aggregate in 2007.

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The final numbers

The statistics of the match were impressive. The United States team had a total of 39 goal attempts in the 90 minutes, against just 2 of the Thais. As for possession of the ball, they had an incredible 75% retention and completed a total of 663 passes against 209 from Thailand.

Alex Morgan, decisive

To the American front it was not enough for him to score a 'Hack Trick' which meant a convincing 8-0 victory, but with the same energies she faced the center of the field to circulate the ball and get the fourth goal of the game while she was embraced for all her teammates. Once she got the fifth historic goal, she walked to the sideline where a choreography by the USA table players took place.

According to the CNET portal, so strong was the player's performance that "it activated the social networks and her name, Alex Morgan, quickly positioned itself as a global trend, as well as the #USWNT #USATHA tags, used to tweet actions of the meeting."

Alex Morgan also tied the record of former US player Michelle Akers who in 1991 scored the most goals in a single match of the Women's World Cup with 5 goals.

US domination in women's football

The US women's team has dominated football for decades, winning three World Cups, four gold medals at the Olympic Games and ranking first in the FIFA rankings in 10 of the last 11 years.

The Americans had registered six victories in a row in the World Cup, and seven of the different scorers against Thailand also set a record for the highest number of scorers in a Women's World Cup game.

All match scorers

Morgan got her goals re-scoring in the 12th minute, 53 ', 74', 81 ', 87', Lavelle one double in the 20 'minute, 56', Mewis got one faster in the 50 ', 54' , Horan to 32 ', Rapinoe to 79', Pugh to 84 and finally Lloyd closed the beating with a score of 90 + 2. The American team is the favorite to win the eighth edition of the international women's tournament and maintain the hegemony of recent years. However, it was not all celebrations and records.

According to CNN, before the start of the tournament: "28 members of the current team filed a class action lawsuit against the United States Soccer Federation, alleging that the federation imposes gender discrimination by paying women less than team members. male national". The next match of the Americans is against Chile and later they finish the group stage with a match on June 20 against Sweden.


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