Sculpting clay for beginners

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Here are some things to keep in mind when sculpting clay

Manos de una persona esculpiendo arcilla en una base giratoria

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We all know that sculpting is not easy, it depends on the material in which the piece is made and the figure you want to make. Clay is one of those materials that is difficult to handle, which is why we want to give you some tips so that you have a good experience in your first approach to it.

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1. Materials

In addition to the amount of clay needed, there are other tools such as chopsticks, rolling pin or something similar to knead. You may also need thin wire or wire to cut the material, thick wire and pliers to cut them. Knife, water and easel with rotating platform, the latter is not as necessary if it is attempts, but if you intend to continue making several sculptures, it is advisable to acquire one of these, they are extras that will make it much easier to manipulate the clay



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2. Work area

This must be properly prepared, the clay is not a plasticine, the texture is very different and can get very dirty. That's why we recommend that you have everything prepared beforehand, that you know what you want to do and have a plastic tablecloth where you can work with peace of mind. In addition, the clothes you wear can get dirty, so we recommend you wear old clothes or that you are not going to have a problem of staining.

3. Hands to work

When it is already clear which is the figure you want to make and as in most branches of the Fine Arts, you have a sketch, you can start by selecting the amount of clay you want to use. According to the portal totenart.com, the normal thing is that when buying a large block a quadrant of this one is cut with the wire thread and then new pieces of material can be added to the piece. If it is a fairly large work, the same portal states that it must be filled with a thick wire structure. It is important to bear in mind that the clay must be kneaded well to be applied little by little in the sculpture in case it is missing from the beginning. Once the piece is finished, you should bear in mind that the clay requires cooking in a special oven otherwise it may break and not be able to show it, use it or paint it later.


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