Formula 1: What is the Driver’s Salary for this 2022?

The new Formula 1 season started with everything and here we tell you what the salary of the 20 drivers is for this 2022.

Pierre Gasly, Nicholas Lafiti and Carlos Sainz

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The 10 teams that will give everything for everything in this 2022 have already warmed up their engines. After the last season of Formula 1 reawakened the passion of millions of people around the world, for this year they promise to monopolize the front pages of the media again. And it is that, as many know, the world of motorsports is one of those that moves the most money in the sports industry.

This time we bring you a list by the team that shows the salary of the 20 drivers who will star in a dream 2022 during the different races. The journalists Jan van der Burgt and Dieter Rencken, from the Racing News 365 medium, managed to collect this income that excludes the various bonuses and bonuses for personal sponsors. It is worth mentioning that these are approximate amounts since the real figures of the contracts are not officially disclosed by the teams or the runners.

Alpha Taurus

The Italian team finished 2021 in the sixth position in the constructors' championship. Both Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda will team up again this year to try to get their team into the top-5. As for wages, the Frenchman will earn $5 million with a contract that runs until 2023, while the Japanese have the option of extending his where he barely earns $750,000.


For this occasion, the Canadian Nicholas Latifi will have a new partner after the departure of George Russell. This is the Thai Alex Albon, who returns to Formula 1 after running in 2021 in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters in Germany. The British team, which has just finished eighth in the constructors' championship, will pay its two drivers $1 million.


Everything seemed to indicate that the American team would repeat riders this year, but due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, they decided to terminate the contract of its main sponsor and the Russian driver Nikita Mazepin. In this way, Haas (who finished tenth in 2021) will bet again on the German Mick Schumacher and the return of the Danish Kevin Magnussen. Both will have a salary of $1 million.

Alfa Romeo

2022 for the Swiss is a clean slate. After a year where they only surpassed Haas in the constructors' championship, in addition to the departures of its main drivers, Alfa Romeo brought in Finn Valtteri Bottas as the main figure, whose contract for $10 million will join him until 2025. Next to him will be the rookie Chinese Guanyu Zhou, who will win $1 million.


The Sebastian Vettel – Lance Stroll duo will once again be in charge of the British team. Both finished with very little difference in points and left the team in seventh place in the constructors' championship last season, so this 2022 they will try to improve widely. Regarding salaries, the German will earn $15 million, while the Canadian will get $10 million with an open contract.


The French team finished last season of Formula 1 in fifth place in the constructors' championship, while its drivers did the same by finishing tenth and eleventh. For this season the goal is to match or even exceed these records, so the Spanish Fernando Alonso ($20 million salaries) and the Frenchman Esteban Ocon ($5 million) will once again be in charge.


After a year where the objectives were not achieved in the constructors' championship by finishing fourth, the top British team will look for ways to redeem itself in 2022. To do this, they will once again have their two-star drivers as fundamental pillars: Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris. Regarding salaries, there is still a gap, since the Australian will earn $15 million for $5 million from the Briton.


Not being in the first place for the Italians is always a hard blow, and even more so if they finish third as they did last year. That is why this new season of Formula 1 Ferrari will go with everything to return to the top. The formula for his success will once again fall on his runners Carlos Sainz Jr. and Charles Leclerc, who have just finished fifth and seventh respectively. The salary difference is not much, since the Monaco-born will get $12 million and the Spaniard $10 million.

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Red Bull

The current champion Max Verstappen together with Sergio "Checo" Pérez had an excellent 2021, but not enough for the Austrian team to win the constructors' championship, as they finished second. With all that, Red Bull promises this year to play again that title that has been elusive since 2013. As for wages, the Dutchman will earn $25 million, far surpassing the Mexican who will get $8 million.


It is already eight years in a row that the German team dominates the constructors' championship, and for this new season of Formula 1, it will seek to revalidate its title. For this, it will have its star driver Lewis Hamilton at the helm, who is once again the highest-paid with $40 million. And it is that after the departure of Bottas, the British partner in 2022 will be his compatriot George Russell, whose salary is $5 million.

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