Juan Fernando Quintero And Other Returns That Have Broken The Transfer Market In Colombia

For the first half of 2023, the great teams of the BetPlay League have made a significant investment for the start of the Colombian championship. Juan Fernando Quintero is the main name.

Juan Fernando Quintero

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The Colombian league has surprised all the transfer markets in Latin America since the great Colombian teams have had the possibility of signing important players, who return to the country after their outstanding careers in the best leagues in the world. These athletes arrive with the great objective of having an outstanding presentation in international competitions, which has become the main goal for this first semester of the year. Teams like Junior, Millonarios, Nacional, and Santa Fe have been the squads that have made the best moves in recent weeks.

A Dream Team

Junior from Barranquilla has taken all the spotlight in this transfer market. The directors of the Barranquilla team have hired great players for the following season, with the clear objective of winning the Colombian league championship and having an excellent performance in the following Copa Sudamericana. With these clear objectives, the Char family has finalized the arrival of players like Carlos Sierra, Brayan León, and Léider Berrio, who have been having excellent performances for several months.

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To these prominent names has been added the incorporation of the midfielder of the Colombian National Team Juan Fernando Quintero, a player who has determined to return to the league of his country, this being a great surprise for all the fans of the 'shark' team. The return of this midfielder has been considered the most important signing in recent months, taking into account the sporting level of this footballer in past seasons with River Plate.

The King of Cups

Atlético Nacional has the great objective of having a great presentation in the Copa Libertadores and incidentally quickly forgetting what happened last season of Colombian soccer, where the paisa team was eliminated in the first round of the tournament. As a consequence of this, those led by Paulo Autuori have taken over the services of central defender Cristián Zapata, who is returning to his country's league after a long career in the best international leagues.

Zapata had the chance to play in teams like Milan from Italy, Villarreal from Spain, and San Lorenzo from Argentina. As if this were not enough, it must be remembered that this defender was the starting defender of the Colombian National Team a few years ago, an aspect that makes him one of the best reinforcements for the Paisa team in this transfer market, which returns to Colombia with the great objective of achieving important titles with the 'purslane' squad. In addition to the arrival of Zapata, the Antioquia team has been left with the sports rights of prominent players such as Sergio Mosquera, Francisco Da Costa, and Jader Gentil.

The return of the 'Blue Ballet'

Millionaires have been another of the clubs that has been strengthened in the best way for the following season. Those led by Alberto Gamero have consolidated the arrival of outstanding players such as Daniel Giraldo, Fernando Uribe, and Leonardo Castro, who will greatly enhance the club's current squad. In addition to these contracts, one of the best news for 2023 has been the maintenance of its backbone, where athletes like Daniel Ruiz and Andrés Llinás will continue in the institution for the Copa Libertadores dispute.

The 'Lion' moves

Independiente Santa Fe has surprised its fans in this transfer market, where President Eduardo Méndez has finalized the return to Colombian soccer of the 37-year-old striker Hugo Rodallega, who has fulfilled his wish to return to the league of his country, to retire in his nation. On the other hand, the Bogotá team has hired midfielders Fabian Sambueza and Christian Marrugo, who will provide a lot of talent to the club's midfield.

It should be mentioned that the return of Hugo Rodallega is one of the most important transfers in this transfer market, recalling the magnificent career that this footballer has had. As if this were not enough, this striker arrives in Colombia with great statistics, so he will surely be giving all the fans of the albirrojo team a lot of joy in 2023.

Hope in the 'Mechita'

América de Cali has recruited in a great way in this transfer market, where the main news has been the renewal of important players such as Iago Falque and Adrián Ramos, players who have confirmed their continuity in the Valle del Cauca institution. In addition to this, Tulio Gómez (maximum shareholder) has finalized the arrival of an old acquaintance, striker Carlos Darwin Quintero, who has determined to return to Colombian soccer and is considered the most relevant reinforcement of the 'scarlet' team for the next season.

A new illusion

Finally, it is worth mentioning the work that Deportivo Independiente Medellín, Deportes Tolima, and Águilas Doradas have done, teams that will also have an appointment in international competitions this season, for which they have gradually been strengthening their squads for the start of the new season. season. Players like Andrés Ibargüen, Yeison Guzmán, and Johan Caballero have come to reinforce these clubs respectively.

With this kind of hiring, these Colombian teams have hit the table, sending a clear message to the other teams on the continent, since they intend to make an excellent presentation in the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana, with them to end the bad streak that these clubs have been having in this kind of competition. It is for this reason that this transfer market has been classified as one of the most important in recent years for Colombian soccer.

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