How Much Help Is The West Giving Ukraine?

This is how different Western countries have provided military, economic, and humanitarian support to Ukraine amid the war with Russia.

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Next February 24 marks one year of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which unleashed the Russo-Ukrainian war that has left thousands of dead victims and millions of refugees as a consequence. During this year, Ukraine, being the part of the conflict that has the most support from countries in the world (especially Western countries), has seen its cities gradually destroyed, but luckily it has received military, economic and humanitarian aid from its allies to counter Russian military pressure.

That's how it was in 2022

The Statista platform has been in charge of collecting the data related to the support that Ukraine received throughout 2022 from different countries of the world.

  1. Financial support

Although the European Union is not a country, its commission is taken into account within this list for the support it has provided to the Soviet country. Regarding financial aid, the EU is the one that offered the most support to Ukraine in 2022 with a value of 12.3 billion euros. They are followed by the United States with 10.3 billion euros and the United Kingdom with 2.1 billion euros. Canada, Germany, Norway, Poland, and France rank third to seventh in that order.

  1. Military support

Taking into account that the Russo-Ukrainian war is a warlike confrontation, military support has been extremely important. The United States is the country that leads the Global Firepower index, that is, it is the world's military power, so it is not surprising that it is the country that has provided the most support in this type of aid, and by far. They are about 25,000 million euros in military support. It is followed by the United Kingdom with 4,000 million euros and the EU with 1,500 million euros. Poland, Germany, Canada, Norway, and France rank next in that order.

  1. Humanitarian support

The United States once again tops the list with €9.21 billion in humanitarian aid, followed by the EU with €1.42 billion and Germany with €750 million. United Kingdom, Canada, France, Poland, and Norway are the next on the list.

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At this point, it should be noted that the EU countries are the ones that have received the most Ukrainian refugees, especially Poland, which borders Ukraine. As of today, it is estimated that there are 7.9 million refugees in Europe and 4.9 million of them are in temporary protection.

In that order of ideas, the United States was the Western country that supported Ukraine the most in 2022.

The support does not stop, these are the projects that are being carried out

On January 18, the EU announced that its humanitarian aid budget will increase by 49 million euros compared to last year so that in 2023 the budget will have 1,700 million euros, of which 207.8 million will be allocated to mitigate the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Also, on January 13, the Ukrainian ambassador to Israel, Yevgen Korniychuk, announced that Israel would deliver smart technologies to alert missiles and drones. This was predicted since October last year, but it was not until this January that it was confirmed.

The United Kingdom and Poland plan, for their part, to deliver Challenger 2 and Leopard armored tanks to Ukraine soon, this would be the first time that the country has received this type of heavy material since the war began. In response, Russia has assured Dmitri Peskov, a spokesman for the presidency, that it will burn them all.

Finally, in December of last year, the White House announced that the bill in Congress in support of Ukraine had reached the expected numbers, and $45 million was budgeted for weapons, humanitarian aid, logistics, and even training.

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