Latin American is present in the Premier League

Two Argentines and one Chilean direct in English football and try to maintain the successful line that has characterized them

Latin American is present in the Premier League

In the Premier League of England, there are three Latin American coaches who pretend to appear and demonstrate their knowledge in front of important teams.

In the case of Mauricio Pochettino, his goal is to follow the successful path that has allowed him to earn respect for the complex British environment. On the other hand, two other more experienced coaches who return to the star plane of world football looking for new successes. They are Manuel Pellegrini and Marcelo Bielsa.

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In the first instance, the Argentine Mauricio Pochettino will continue to command Tottenham Hotsspur, the cast with which he intends to be champion. He has managed to maintain a process with a very flexible management style in which he gives players freedom to generate inspiration from each one, taking advantage of the talent and youth that characterizes the 'Spurs'.

For his part, the Chilean, Manuel Pellegrini now heads to West Ham, a club that invested a good amount of money in high level footballers. In turn, Marcelo Bielsa leads Leeds United, which is in the second division of the English League, the Championship. Bielsa aims to provide a high volume of attack. The three Latin strategists will have their opportunity in the English Premier League, one of the most demanding and competitive in the world.


An Argentine project in Tottenham

Pochettino lives a new challenge with the 'Spurs' and his goal is to generate positivism in his direction. "We are trying to create a winning mentality. Tottenham needs to develop this philosophy", Pochettino told EFE.

Apart from playing the English championship, the Argentine will face the challenge of facing the European Champions League and focuses on the maximum achievement of a tournament. "Now we need to win a title with Tottenham, although everyone knows it is not easy," added the former Argentine defender to the middle.

With the English, he has had an outstanding performance, because the team has finished on the podium for three consecutive seasons. At 46, he has become one of the most respected strategists in England. According to Clarin, he learned a lot from Bielsa.

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High investment with a great strategist

After having been champion with Manchester City, the Chilean Manuel Pellegrini returns to the Premier directing West Ham. "We will try to play in the best way to be as close as possible to the top of the table," Pellegrini told EFE.

The 'Engineer' added to the report that the pressure is the same in all matches, because the Premier League is a very competitive tournament. highlighted that he is a technician with a lot of experience, character, an interesting tactical drawing, and great wisdom.

The team has Latin American soccer players of great recognition as Javier 'Chicharito' Hernández, Carlos Sánchez, and Manuel Lanzini. The coach's style of play is very offensive, with many elements of attack and expects the players to be up to the requirements.

Bielsa and his new opportunity

The Argentine strategist, Marcelo Bielsa returns to the benches this season directing the Leeds of the Second Division of England. The veteran leader is obsessed with achieving enormous discipline in the group and that is why he has fostered a team spirit that has been reflected in several events.

The Guardian reported that the 'Crazy' put his players to collect garbage in training. With this action, the Argentine wants his players to value what it costs to the fans to see them at their stadium to back them up.

This was significant, because the Leeds players have run more than in the league games they played during the previous season. The Commerce of Peru stressed that this gesture of Bielsa has a great significance because the fan is the main base of sports institutions.

He is a strategist who has been characterized mainly by maximizing the level of each of his players on the field. Thus, England will have three high-level Latino coaches who, in an elite competition, hope to put their winning stamp.


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