NBA Draft 2023: Who Are the Big Promises for the Following Season?

The NBA turns on engines for the following season. That is why the first step to specify the new templates is the Draft. We tell you about the new promises that come to the league.

Victor Wembanyama, Amen and Ausar Thompson, Jarace Walker

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One of the most important things in the NBA is the Draft, which defines the hiring of young college promises. They are players who come to this league with the intention of becoming great stars of this sport and demonstrating their qualities on the pitch. With this championship system, this competition gives all teams the opportunity to enhance their squads with these new talents.

For the 2023-2024 season, the team that benefited the most was the San Antonio Spurs, the team that won the first pick in the Draft. This gave it the opportunity to have the signing of one of the greatest promises that came to this league in recent years, who is called to be one of the revolutionaries of this sport for the following seasons.

The Heir to French Basketball

Victor Wembanyama is the basketball player who creates the most enthusiasm for the following seasons in the NBA. The 2.23-meter-tall French prodigy surprised everyone with his qualities on the courts, which led him to be classified as a revolutionary for his position. Despite being such a tall athlete, the 19-year-old has magnificent command of the ball, which is reflected in his consistent 3-point shooting and outstanding assist statistic.

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At the time of being chosen as the number one in the 2023 Draft, the Frenchman could not contain his emotion and commented that this is a great dream for him and his entire family, who fought alongside him to achieve his professionalism. Also, with this choice, the ‘alien’ has to show that he is up to the task of Tim Duncan and David Robinson, players who were also picked first and who made history with this team.

The Surprise of the Night

Brandon Miller took second place in this Draft, an aspect that surprised all the experts. His transfer to the Charlotte Hornets is understandable at first glance, since this young talent plays as a forward. Due to his position, he could be a fundamental piece to strengthen point guard LaMelo Ball, who is called to be the top star of this team.

Consequently, third place in this Draft went to point guard Scoot Henderson, a talent who was one of the most outstanding youngsters in college basketball. His choice for the Portland Trail Blazers raised many doubts, remembering that his star Damian Lillard is in this position. Despite this, the young promise made it clear that he is ready to improve his game and be the apprentice of the top figure of this team.

Twins in Action

Amen and Ausar Thompson made NBA history by being the first twins selected in the Top 10 Draft. Amen Thompson arrives at the Houston Rockets with number 4 and Ausar Thompson is a new Detroit Pistons player in fifth position. With his signing, this team forms a duo that promises too much, since Thompson and Cade Cunningham can restore glory to this team.

The Others that Complete the Top 10

Anthony Black, Bilal Coulibaly, Jarace Walker, Taylor Hendricks and Cason Wallace are the players that complete the top 10 in this draft, which was considered one of the most exciting in recent years. In addition to this, it should be noted that with these elections the transfer period comes into action, so that several of these promises can end up in other teams.

This is why the stage of more movements in the NBA has already begun. Many experts comment that big changes will come next season, which could set a pattern of change in this league. Now it remains to enjoy what is coming in the coming weeks, in order to see one of the famous markets in the world of sports in action.

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