Steph Curry Won His Fourth Championship. Better than LeBron James?

The Golden State Warriors won their fourth championship last Thursday. Steph Curry was the most valuable player

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No one expected the Golden State Warriors to go this far this year. Of course, the quality of the team was recognized, but there were other names that were playing much better in the Western Conference, like the Suns or the Grizzlies. However, the triplet of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green managed to prevail thanks to their experience and talent over the Boston team.

This isn’t to say that Boston hasn’t played a good series. They started by winning decisively at the Warriors’ home, 120-108, and they also won the third game by a double-digit difference. There were figures like the Dominican Al Horford, who shone on the part of the greens, getting triples and defensive stops at key moments. But at the moment of truth, in the last game, the Celtics were weak. Their key stars like Jayson Tatum and Marcus Smart were relegated to supporting roles and couldn’t face Golden State’s unstoppable offense.

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Is Curry Better than Lebron?

Steph Curry had one of his best finals series this time around, earning him the title of “Finals MVP” for the first time. It was a unanimous selection from the jury, as Curry averaged 31.2 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists per game.

With this victory, the debate has been ignited as to whether Stephen Curry should be considered a better player than LeBron James, his contemporary and constant opponent. After all, they both now have 4 final titles.

It is a difficult question to answer. Let’s fail on Curry’s side first. Curry is arguably the greatest 3-pointer of all time, with 402 3-pointers (and counting) in the regular season. Of his 4 championships, all he got was with Golden State, so he remained loyal to his team. The only superstar he needed to win a championship was Kevin Durant, with whom he won 2.

On the other hand, although Lebron also has 4 championships, he got them in a very different way. The first two were with Miami, a team to which he went looking for the talent of then-stars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. On the other hand, his last two championships were achieved surrounded by superstars like Kyrie Irving in Cleveland and Anthony Davis in the Lakers. But you also have to consider that LeBron has a lot of accomplishments in the regular season that Curry doesn’t even come close to. For example, James is second in all-time regular-season points, behind only Kareem Abdul Jabbar. He also has 4 “Finals MVP” titles and has competed 10 times at this level, 4 more times than Stephen Curry. Not to mention that he is the basketball player who has played the most playoff games in all of history, for a total of 266.

The debate between Curry and Lebron James is about the ability to win with the same pieces consistently versus the ability to elevate several different pieces to greatness. What is worth more? It will depend on the criteria of each person.

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