Who are the Phoenix Suns? All About the First NBA Finalists

Here's everything you need to know about the Phoenix Suns, the top finishers in the NBA .

Phoenix 'Suns' Team

This year, the top finishers in the NBA were the Phoenix Suns, a name may sound unfamiliar to someone who only casually watches basketball. Photo: TW-Suns

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This year, one of the top teams in the NBA were the Phoenix Suns , a name may sound unfamiliar to someone who only casually watches basketball.

Therefore, here at LatinAmerican Post we want to explain everything about them. His best players, his style of play and his coach. Don't be left wondering what to talk about when you watch the NBA Finals with your friends!

The best Suns players.

The Suns are the candidate that no one thought could succeed. After years of being one of the worst teams in the league, this year, led by guard Chris Paul, they finally reached the finals . They haven't made an appearance at this level since 1993 .

And it is that Chris Paul has undoubtedly been one of the keys to success. Who is he? Many fans consider him the perfect player . He is a firm leader, has high basketball intelligence, good ball handling, makes incredible passes and also has a great mid-distance game.

In his 16-year career, Paul had never reached the finals , but this time he did. He is one of the great players whose name does not resonate more due to his lack of trophies. He's so good at his position, he's fifth on the list for the most assists (passes) of all time , with 10,275.

The other star player for the Suns is Deandre Ayton. This center born in the Bahamas is characterized, above all else, by its defensive ability and tremendous effort. Ayton, with his strength and height, makes the Suns' painted area very difficult to attack.

On the other hand, the Suns also have Devin Booker, an excellent playr who, while a bit irregular, has a solid middle distance game.

The Suns are a caring team

If anything characterizes these Suns, it is their lack of ego. They lead the league in assists and although they have players capable of exploding and scoring 30 points at any time, they prefer to move the ball, tire the defense and create room for an easy shot.

For this reason, the Suns' big stars like Booker typically don't have more than 20 points per game. Everyone thinks about passing first and scoring later .

Another factor that certainly contributes greatly to this offense working is that the Suns' bench is strong . They have backups in their team, players who are not stars but who perform at a very high level in their role. These include Jae Crowder and the Croatian Dario Šarić .


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An amazing coach

Monty Williams, the Suns coach, has also been a key in the team's success. Williams joined the team in 2019. The previous year, the Suns had finished the regular season with a record (19-63) against . This year, they finished with one of (51-21). His impact is remarkable. So much so that Williams was second in the coach of the year vote in 2021 .

Williams has a particular way of training. He is not rude or harsh with his players, on the contrary, he is open and seeks to build friendly relationships with them on and off the court. He focuses on demanding consistency from his players more than extraordinary games.

"… He's always on top of me. He doesn't let the little things go by. He's a guy who pays attention to details. I wouldn't say he's strict, but he's very disciplined" Deandre Ayton once said about his coach.

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