7 things we can expect at the CES fair 2019

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The technology and consumer electronics fair, CES, will open its doors in Las Vegas from January 8 to 11

7 things we can expect at the CES fair 2019

CES technology and electronics fair, which started in 1967 in New York and was organized by the Consumer Electronics Association according to CNN, will take place from January 8 to 11 in the city of Nevada.

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More than 1,000 presentations will take place at the event and will include more than 4,400 companies from around the world and 185,000 attendees, including representatives of technology companies and journalists.

This first appointment with technology promises to be marked by trends such as the control of devices through the use of voice, virtual and increased reality, among others.

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What can we expect?

1. According to Engadget, it is rumored that Amazon will launch more Smart TVs, which directly integrate an Amazon Echo. In this way, Alexa will be part of the device and will not be a separate complement.

2. According to Computer Today, we will see a new edition of The Frame, Samsung's pride. It is possible that this time it will jump to 8K, the new fashion resolution in the sector.

3. Taking into account the announced conferences, it is known that, like last year, the autonomous car will be one of the protagonists in this technological fair, especially due to the progress of the NVIDIA Xavier supercomputer, which allows a level 3 autonomous driving and other advances that we have seen in this sector.

4. In addition, according to Direct Marketing, C-Lab will present a total of eight projects based on artificial intelligence. "We will present promising C-Lab projects that take advantage of artificial intelligence technologies in the field of video content creation and the manufacture of perfumes, among others. They are deeply related to our daily lives and we hope to capture the attention of the attendees, "said Inkuk Hahn, vice president and director of the Center for Creativity and Innovation of Samsung Electronics.

5. In addition, 5G technology promises to become one of the major players during 2019 , so everything points to Sony will present at CES the Xperia 5G.

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6. According to Thirteen Bits, wireless charging systems will also have a remarkable space at the CES in 2019. Companies such as AirCharge will present their latest developments in battery charging without cables.

7. Wellness devices, self-care, exercise bands and other similar devices¸ as well as hair brushes and "smart" beds that have already occupied the fair's stands.


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