The most important news of Pokemon Presents 2021

One of the most important cartoon franchises in history announced all its news regarding its video game saga, including a special surprise.

Frame of the video game trailer 'Pokémon Shining Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl'

Although many people only know the anime, which continues to be broadcast to this day, the truth is that it all started in the area of video games. Photo: YT-Nintendo

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Pokémon is, perhaps, one of the most popular cartoon sagas of all time. Although many people only know the anime , which continues to be broadcast to this day, the truth is that it all started in the area of video games . Precisely, from Nintendo they are clear that it is a franchise adored by the fans, so they always present news that attract them.

In this case, the Pokémon Presents 2021 event takes place within the framework of the brand's 25th anniversary . Precisely, one of the first surprises of this world event is that, according to HobbyConsolas, a compilation album will be made with various artists. Among them, J Balvin, Katy Perry or Post Malone , who will be the stars of Pokémon 25: The Album, by Universal Music Group .

Although, that was not all. On the contrary: for the Gamer audience there are also several important announcements. Among them, an open world Pokémon title, which was something that all fans had been waiting for a long time.

The main novelties of Pokemon

As we mentioned, Pokemon is a franchise that, year after year, announces different releases that drive fans crazy. On the 25th anniversary they did not want to make an exception, but listened to the requests of the community and decided to launch some titles and features that had been waiting for a long time.

The first novelty is expected for April 30 of this year and is a new Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch . From this company they announced that this classic game of photographing "wild creatures" in their natural habitats will return, being a function that had been implemented for the first time on the Nintendo 64 .

With this announcement, it will not only seek to recreate the experience of that time, but also to improve it. Through the FotoDex you will be able to see the photos of the different Pokemon on each island, through a 4-star rating system. To obtain all 4, you will have to be able to photograph the most exotic Pokemons in unique and infrequent moments , which is why exploration with your character will be encouraged.

Following this same line, Nintendo also knows that the nostalgia factor makes the essence of the franchise. For this reason, they announced a new series of remakes: Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Pokémon Shimmering Pearl , which, according to the specialized Extra Life website, will arrive for the Nintendo Switch providing an important graphic refreshment.

These games, which will arrive in late 2021, will maintain the same adventure and scenarios as their original 2006 versions for the Nintendo DS. However, now the battles will be in 3D and will seek to provide greater freedom of movement. This continues the historical trend of re-releasing games from the past, although updated for the present.

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The last novelty, but also the most unexpected and important, was that of a new game that could radically change the Pokemon universe . Precisely, all Pokemon titles, to a greater or lesser extent, offered a perspective in RPG format, although without too many freedoms in terms of exploring their world.

All this would change with Pokemon Legends: Arceus , a video game that will revolutionize the mechanics of the saga and that could arrive in 2022 . Unlike the previous ones, this open world game will modify several pillars of the franchise. For example, now the different creatures will be caught in real time, eliminating the specific fights in other screens .

Another relevant point is that this game will be inspired by the Sinnoh region, but from previous years. Therefore, the initial Pokemon will not be the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl , but there will be a mix of several generations. More specifically, Oshawott (fifth generation), Cyndaquil (second generation), and Rowlet (seventh generation) .

In short, with this series of Pokemon announcements, they seek to satisfy all fans. That is, those who wanted to return to the old adventures and the same old mechanics, but also those who thought that the saga needed a "twist" to remain just as interesting, even 25 years after its birth.

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