Nicaragua: Daniel Ortega threats Businessmen

The disagreement of the Nicaraguan people with the government model is one of the main reasons that businessmen have supported

Nicaragua: Daniel Ortega threats Businessmen

Daniel Ortega's most recent threat to Nicaraguan business has come after violent attacks on his people for making protests against him. He accuses them of being those who promote "economic terrorism" by supporting the strikes led by the opposition.

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For Ortega, businessmen are playing with the country's economy by participating in the demonstrations called by the opposition coalition Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy, which calls, among other things, for a change of government and respect for human rights.

"They caused the destruction of the country's economy and insist on wanting to end the economy every time they call for unemployment and leave with the story, some of these owners of large companies, who have to go to unemployment because they are threatening that they are going to burn the business," the president announced in an official ceremony.

Daniel Ortega vs Businessmen

In the development of the speech given in his act of government, Ortega sentenced the businessmen, stating that "The next time they call a strike we will send the police to keep the doors open and give them security." The fact could well be classified as repressive since it seeks to delegitimize the idea that its government is going through a crisis and that its model no longer works.

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"Now come those who financed the death, those who have caused stoppages. They want to paralyze the country. Instead of calling to work, they call not to work to paralyze the country. They start to make numbers and say that the economy is falling. But it's because of them. To play with the economy is to play with fire and that has its limit; I hope you reflect because we can not fall into that little game. If any Sandinista tells them that they are going to burn the business if they close, that they will not like it, we would go back, "he said.

Entrepreneurs respond

Before the words said by the president, Sergio Maltez, president of the Chamber of Industries of Nicaragua (Cadin), made it clear, on behalf of all businessmen, to Ortega that until their attacks cease and there is normalcy in Nicaragua, employment and foreign investment in the country, will not return.

For Maltez, there is no other way to Nicaragua's crisis than a political agreement. "Sooner or later there will have to be dialogue and between later it will be worse for the country," he said.

"Everything lies in achieving that sincere political agreement and that the foundations are laid for a real dialogue. But for that to happen, the Government has to generate will and demonstrate that it wants to do it, "he said.

About 347 thousand Nicaraguans have been dismissed or removed from their jobs, according to records of the month of July collected by the Nicaraguan Foundation for Economic and Social Development (Funides).

Repression against the Nicaraguan people

In addition to the acts of repression announced by Ortega against the businessmen, is the one that he committed on September 23 in the framework of the march "We are the voice of political prisoners" is added. There, as reported by Infobae, "paramilitaries and Sandinista groups attacked the protesters with shots, leaving at least one dead and several wounded." "The attack, according to the organizers, occurred when the march was advancing in the popular neighborhood of the Americas 3, located north of Managua, when supporters of President Ortega, supported by paramilitaries and paramilitaries, attacked a group of civilians who were mobilizing for that place, "adds the same media.

The paramilitary groups were created by the government of Daniel Ortega to avoid making all kinds of statements that speak ill of his government, with which many Nicaraguans do not agree. About 481 people have died in the protests, according to The World of Spain. The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has held Daniel Ortega's regime responsible for "more than 300 deaths in extrajudicial executions, torture, obstruction of medical care, arbitrary detentions, kidnappings, and sexual violence."

The instability in Nicaragua continues to increase but with it all the weapons of Daniel Ortega that will help him to avoid at all costs that his government ends. Staying in power continues to be his position, which will leave his people on the road to exile, in which Costa Rica is the first stop.


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Translated from: 'Nicaragua: Daniel Ortega arremete contra los empresarios'

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