Art joins the fight against breast cancer

The objective of the exhibition is to raise awareness among residents and visitors attending the exhibition, which takes place in the Colombian capital until November

Art joins the fight against breast cancer

The series "My body, My work. Cancer, an opportunity of creation", realized by the plastic artist and manager of cultural projects Milena Montealegre, is presented until November 5 at the Hotel BH Usaquén in the city of Bogotá. The work impacts and gives a feeling of joy from the moment you arrive at the exhibition site due to the variety of materials used, the techniques and the color of each of the pieces.

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Art joins the fight against breast cancer

Techniques developed as varied as: wood carving, blown glass, papier-mâché, bricolage, among others. Some of the materials used were:

  • Glass
  • Plaster
  • Wood and moo wood
  • Sequins
  • Newspaper
  • Clay
  • Acrylic bibs
  • Lace

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Art joins the fight against breast cancer

Continuing the sample, it touches fibers with each one of the technical files of the pieces, and it is not for less when in the work developed by the artist participated more than 12 women diagnosed with breast cancer. With them, Montealegre carried out a work process of internal conflict because the way in which the disease develops is related to the neurotransmitters or nervous system, since they are responsible for carrying the information to the tumor cells.

Art joins the fight against breast cancer

All the works have the name of a woman, they are different from each other and they have consigned the history and experience of each one of the women -from which the artist found inspiration to generate this artistic production-.

The disposition in space, from the beginning, generates endless emotions and feelings of inclusion, belonging, recognition of the feminine, hope and joy. In addition, many of the descriptions have valuable information that helps the viewer to understand scientific and medical data that is very likely unknown.

Art joins the fight against breast cancer

Milena Montealegre seeks with the exhibition that visitors, both men and women, become aware of breast cancer and remember each time that an emotional balance must be maintained in order to take the first step towards prevention.

Each year this disease kills 2,500 Colombians. While in other countries the mortality rate decreases, in Colombia it increases. The State with more prevalence is San Andrés and with greater mortality is Valle del Cauca.

Art joins the fight against breast cancer

The artist is a teacher of Fine Arts at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, specializing in Management of Cultural Projects and Art Therapy. With her exhibitions, she seeks the empowerment of women with series such as "Woman in Spiral", "Hands that Cure" and now with "My body, My work".

She also serves as a coach for healing somatized emotions with certification in consulting and psychology, reiki, mindfulness, among others.

Once again, art is saving and healing lives, raising awareness and leaving a mark on those who appreciate it.


LatinAmerican Post | Ana María Aray
Translated from "El arte se une a la lucha contra el cáncer de seno"

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