What are Donald Trump's next steps?

The lost re-election of Donald Trump would imply his return to the private sector.

President Donald J. Trump exiting the presidential plane

The future of Donald Trump is still uncertain after the presidential elections. / Photo: Official White House by Shealah Craighead

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Joe Biden's victory in the US presidential elections meant, at the same time, knowing that Donald Trump should leave his post when his term ends… although it may not necessarily happen. From the BBC website they warn that the current president is using his power to avoid the recognition of Biden as president-elect.

However, reality implies that, politically or not, Donald Trump's life will continue. Knowing that he was a media celebrity and a business eminence, even with no prior political experience, some possible futures are beginning to be woven for him.

His situation is even so delicate that, according to El Plural, the future of Donald Trump would be "in the White House or jail", due to the 421 million dollars of debt despite not paying taxes in a decade. Against this background, we decided to see what turns the tycoon's life could take.

The future of Donald Trump

As we mentioned earlier, there are some judicial issues regarding the life of the current highest authority in the United States. According to CNN, there are 6 lawsuits that Donald Trump will have to face when he leaves office. Among them, the internal financial functioning of the Trump Organization or defamation suits.

Taking into account that, from Infobae's perspective, the president mentioned that public positions “cost him billions of dollars in losses”, there are several possibilities for the future. Before evaluating his re-entry into the private sphere, there is also the possibility that he will continue in politics.

For example, El Independiente indicates that Donald Trump plans to run again in 2024 as a candidate for the Republican Party . Although there is a long time left, he understands that he has the possibility of having a second presidency, which is why, if he arrives in good condition, he could run to return to power.

Of course, given his experience and his media capacity, it is clear that he will continue to be linked to politics, making opinions, giving his vision of the world and defending his entire administration. However, it is most likely that, at least in the short term, Trump will dedicate himself to returning to the "family business."

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In The New York Times they say that he has the challenge of “restarting the company that bears his name” , something he could do by looking abroad through hotels or golf clubs, which boosted previous economic growth to 2016. Hence, the Trump Organization is one of the keys for its near future.

We must remember that, in addition to his business side, he had great media popularity for a long time. Perhaps because of this, from El Universo they believe that he could launch a kind of "Trump TV".

This return could be, from the perspective of Yahoo Finance, a "political" turn, so that he can campaign against Joe Biden and review his trajectory as the highest authority in the United States. In other words, there are plenty of possibilities for Trump to return to the private sector, surely doing so in the hope of, in four years, returning to office.