Everything we know about Fast and Furious 9

The popular high-speed car franchise returns in its ninth film, which would be one of the most ambitious of the entire saga.

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Fast and Furious is one of the most important film sagas of today . Since its first film everything seems to indicate that the formula worked perfectly: cars, high speeds, action and a lot of violence. For example, the BBC mentioned that the eighth part became the most successful premiere in the history of world cinema, with 532.5 million dollars raised worldwide .

Not only that: added to the seventh part, they manage to raise more than 1 billion dollars , but their spin-offs have also been successful. That is, they tried to expand the original story with Hobbs and Shaw, which alone raised about $ 700 million , even announcing a second part, which shows how alive the world of these tapes is.

Well, all these elements that made the 20-year-old franchise a real boom would be repeated in the ninth edition to continue catching the public that seeks more and more adrenaline. Faced with the enigmas about what could happen to the plot, we decided to find out everything that is known about Fast and Furious 9 , the possible penultimate installment of the saga.

Fast and furious 9

The first thing to talk about is its premiere. Although at first it was thought to be released in April 2021, the delays due to COVID-19 rescheduled it for May 28, 2021 . All this situation, added to the expectations by the fans, caused many people to have many unknowns about what could happen with this film.

Particularly, because it could be the most disruptive and innovative of all . According to Fotogramas in 2018, the director of the eighth installment, F. Gary Gray, had revealed that he intended that all the characters in the movie could reach space.

Anyway, the director of this film, Justin Lin, could not necessarily continue down this path. The truth is that the synopsis of this installment places special emphasis on the character of Vin Diesel: Dominic Toretto . Mainly, his new relationship with his son and his partner Letty, which make him withdraw from the adrenaline world he was used to.

However, he is quickly moved away from his tranquility by a shocking news: the return of his brother, Jacob (played by John Cena) , with whom they have a conflictive and hateful relationship. In any case, it is not all bad news in this film, as it would present the return of one of the most iconic characters in the movies: Han.

Recall that the Asian died in the film Reto Tokio, so the announcement of his return fully impacted the audience. However, the director explained that they decided to bring back the character played by Sung Kang because it was "important to the community," which is why he will join Toretto's band again.

Thus, the idea of family will be vital throughout the film -although it is also one of the elements that unites the entire saga-, so the main team will try to maintain all the success achieved, despite the threat that the Toretto's own brother.

In addition to the aforementioned characters, Tyrese Gibson (as Rome), Chris Bridges (as Ted Parker), Charlize Teron (as Cipher), Nathalie Emmanuel (as Megan Ramsey) and even Cardi were confirmed for the cast. B (Leysa), Don Omar (Rico Santos) and Ozuna , with a still unknown role, will make part in the film.

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Anyway, the character that will not be in this new film will be the popular Dwayne Johnson , who plays Luke Hobbs. In an interview with MTV News, the "Rock" stressed that there are still "no plans" for his return to the saga, although he also knows that he has a lot of future ahead of him and that he will probably appear in the tenth - and possibly last - edition, Although it was also confirmed that he will be in the sequel to the spin-off, Hobbs & Shaw.

This film could even have a very large emotional factor, since it is rumored that the car of the character Brian O'Connor, played by Paul Walker, would appear again in this ninth edition, after saying goodbye in the seventh installment. For now, Fast and Furious 9 promises to maintain the same essence that fell in love with a large group of viewers, who are waiting impatiently for the continuation of this story.


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