Funleo, Directed by the Best Female Chef in the World, Leonor Espinosa

The World's Best Female Chef is a Colombian. Reading her story makes people realize how extraordinary her rise to the top of it was.

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First of all, Leonor Espinosa dedicated the first phase of her life to studying economics and arts; and also working as an advertising executive. At this moment in her life, she was 35 years old.

Then, after all, she learned in an empirical and self-taught way. Espinosa decided to open her restaurant, "Leo." Her restaurant joined The World's 50 Best Restaurants list, ranking 46th out of 50, due to its "social responsibility and humble attitude," as mentioned by William Reed, a prestigious British firm.

The prestigious British firm stated that the Colombian chef "never stopped practicing the arts or studying economics: She just started doing it through gastronomic eyes" and recognized her as The World's Best Female Chef.

The recognition of this incredible and talented woman was made by "The World's 50 Best." This recognition is voted by experts who have spent years choosing different restaurants from the five continents to add them to this prestigious list.

This is how the chef will receive the award on July 18th, of the current year, in the city of London. In addition, it is necessary to remember that the chef has 15 years of gastronomic experience. This is not her first recognition since, in 2017, she was named The Best Female Chef in Latin America.

Something really important to mention is what Leonor Espinosa said in an interview: "In my case, in my grandmother's kitchen was where I directed the daily preparations of the family meal. However, although the kitchen-woman relationship was inherent in my breeding, the trade manifested itself in me when I decided to return to the plastic arts". This shows the importance of believing in herself despite social predispositions and prejudices reflected in her upbringing.


Her fantastic work as a chef has brought to the public all the tastes of the territory. Her food has the flavor of the sea, mountain, jungle, and mangrove. She also made the country visible.

Moreover, the chef has a social foundation called "Funleo," whose purpose and mission are to "work for the vindication of the gastronomic traditions of Colombian communities, based on their biological and intangible heritage." This foundation was created side by side with her daughter, also a chef, Laura Hernández Espinosa.

Through her creativity, hard work, determination, and heart, Leonor Espinosa have reached the top of the mountain, winning this important contest and becoming The World's Best Female Chef. She also created "Funleo," putting in the eyes of all her purposes, highlighting Colombian territory, and so on, in the same way, making the Colombian women visible, recognizing them as talented, powerful, capable, and creative. 

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