The Harry Styles Phenomenon in Latin America: Why is it Relevant?

Harry Styles has Released a New Album that has Quickly Gone Viral in Latin America. Why does our Region Love it?.

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Harry Styles is one of the most important artists on the planet. According to a Spotify report, he is the seventh most listened to artist on the platform. Similarly, his latest single, known as "As It Was", was at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, being his biggest sustained hit over time.

It should also be noted that the singer once belonged to another successful group, known as One Direction, which had its heyday in the 2010s. Later, each of the members started their solo career, but it was Harry Styles who achieved the most affection from fans and best sales numbers.

This can also be seen in his recent record work, known as Harry's House. Two years after his last album, known as "Fine Line", fans eagerly awaited this new production, which quickly became one of the most listened to, both in Latin America and in the world.

The success of Harry Styles

With a total of 13 songs, it is an album that has two sides. The “A” has 7 songs: "Music For A Sushi Restaurant", "Late Night Talking", "Grapejuice", "As It Was, Daylight", "Little Freak" and "Matilda". Instead, "B" has 6: "Cinema", "Daydreaming", "Keep Driving", "Satelite", "Boyfriends" and "Love Of My Life".

This work is extremely refined, completely differentiating itself from most pop artists of the day. This is one of the distinctive features of the artist: not only does he have a great voice, but also his songs have varied musical styles, with high-level production.

Harry para #HarrysHouse !pic.twitter.com/c1ZsSJggIk

— Harry Styles México ???? (@HarryMexOficial) May 23, 2022

Similarly, in this particular work, Styles has generated a concept album around the idea of "house". That is to say, the Briton has spoken of both specific and sentimental scenarios, which is why many of his phrases portray the importance of love, family and the passage of time, and have become a trend in social networks.

This shows that the popularity of Harry Styles is not only based on the musical section, but also the artistic and even the ideological. Precisely, the artist has great popularity in Latin America, something that explains that in all his shows he always sells out tickets immediately.

That said, Harry Styles is a reference for many young women (his main audience) in the region, since he has historically spoken out in favor of feminist struggles and even abortion, which are two important issues in our region. Consequently, he not only attracts for his music, but also for his vision of the world.

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Beyond music: coincidences between Harry Styles and Bad Bunny

And it is that therein lies another of the reasons why Harry Styles has transcended to the merely musical, something that has also happened with Bad Bunny, who also released a very successful new CD. Although their styles of music are completely different, both have managed to be very popular with their public for different reasons. Among them, the ideological.

In addition to the elements mentioned above, both have been pioneers in acting on gender issues. For example, they have dressed up on several occasions to "challenge" the stereotypes marked in society, with dresses, skirts or paint on their faces and hands.

Apart from this issue, Harry Styles and Bad Bunny are also always viral for their fashion senses. All the moments in which they are shown in public, both in musical presentations, video clips, interviews, photo sessions or even when going out on the street, they always opt for disruptive looks, with striking colors.

On the other hand, we must also take into account that both are starting in the cinematographic field. That is, not only have they achieved great success in music, but they also seek to transcend on the big screen. And, interestingly, the two will be part of one of the biggest franchises: Marvel.

Harry Styles appeared in the 2021 film Eternals, where he played Thanos' brother Eros in a post-credits scene that was highly commented on social media. In this 2022, Bad Bunny was confirmed as "El Muerto", one of the possible villains of the Spider-Man of the Sony Cinematic Universe, who will have his own leading film.

In short, you have already seen why Harry Styles has generated a great impact in Latin America and the world. We hope you liked this article!

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