Maduro went after his critics again

The Venezuelan president responded again to those who question his government.

Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela.

Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela. / Photo: Reuters

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The Venezuelan president has been tough with his critics and has criticized them back, this time the turn was for the president of Brazil and his political opponent, Juan Guaidó.

Nicolás Maduro has not hesitated to criticize his own critics , which has led him to lash out at people like the president of the United States, Donald Trump, or the president of his neighboring country Colombia, Iván Duque, whom he has repeatedly criticized and has even made fun of beyond diplomatic parameters.

On this last occasion, his target was the president of another of his neighboring countries, Jair Bolsonaro, of Brazil. Following the attack on an Armed Forces base in the state of Bolivar in Venezuela, perpetrated by former members of the militia who had defected, Maduro said the Brazilian government was supporting "terrorist attacks". In the assault, a uniformed man died, ammunition was stolen and several deserters called for refuge in Brazil, so the Venezuelan president accuses that country of being related to the attack.

Faced with this, Nicolás Maduro said that Brazil is looking to start an "armed conflict", calling Bolsonaro "fascist". “There are terrorist groups, from the Brazilian territory, preparing attacks and military incursions against Venezuela. And we have the right to prepare", said the Venezuelan president.

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Likewise, Juan Guaidó has also been a target of Maduro, whom he has criticized for trying to take power illegitimately, and, in addition, he has mocked that he has failed in the attempt. That being the case, the fight that seems never to end between the two took the headlines again .

Upon the arrival of his opponent and interim president, the Venezuelan Juan Guaidó, an act of rejection by Maduro and the Chavista people was expected, and so it happened. After a long international tour where Guaidó sought to strengthen the support of the international community, Nicolás Maduro asked the Venezuelan justice to investigate the speech that led Guaidó to each country .

"The day that the courts of the Republic give the mandate to detain Mr. Juan Guaidó for all the crimes he has committed, that day he goes to jail, be assured. That day has not arrived, but it will come," said Nicolás Maduro in the same press conference in which he attacked Jair Bolsonaro.

He also went against the diplomats who participated in the reception of Guaidó when he arrived back in Caracas and criticized that they had taken sides in an internal Venezuelan problem, adding also that Juan Guaidó did not have permission to leave the country due to current investigations.  

When Guaidó arrived to Caracas, he was received by a crowd of Chavistas, his uncle Juan José Márquez, who accompanied him, was arrested and taken to jail for carrying 16 objects of interest. Among them were a flashlight, a bulletproof vest and five cylindrical containers that, according to the arrest warrant, contained "powder material of an alleged explosive nature". For the bearing of these devices, Marquez is accused of trafficking in weapons and explosives, which the opposition and his lawyer have described as a montage.

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