Mujeres - cabello

Tips to have the mermaid hair you've always wanted!

Tips and tricks to show a dreamy mane

carine rotifeld - jennifer lopez - sarah burton

Fashion Awards: this is how it went

JLo and the very Barbie doll were some of the protagonists of the most important awards in the world of fashion

Fashion and technology: this is the new Louis Vuitton accessory

Creativity, design and execution are the characteristics of these new bags that were launched in the Cruiser 2020 in New York

Eccentricity took the Met Gala 2019

Barbie, Cinderella, the phantom of the opera and even fast food were some of the inspirations of the big fashion houses in this edition of the Met Gala

Met Gala: know the most glamorous fashion event

The most anticipated fashion event of the year arrives today, May 6, with a theme that will undoubtedly have something to talk about

5 fashion blogs that you should follow

Fashion literature has migrated from magazines to the digital world. These are the most influential fashion blogs today

Trends of the 50s and 60s in force over time

Garments, accessories, and styles of the time that never went out of style

This was the Fashion Transparency Index of the Fashion Revolution Week

We are halfway through the Fashion Revolution Week, and the Transparency index has already been released, which evaluates the best practices of 200 of the most important brands

Beyond models: the most powerful women in the fashion industry

The women we see most in the world of fashion are models undoubtedly. Here we introduce you to those who rule outside the runway

From the field to your closet: the influence of sportswear on fashion

We list here some influences that sportswear has left in the world of fashion

This is what an average bag weighs

We weigh bags with different things inside to know how much we are carrying day by day on our shoulders

Caribbean braids: styles you should know

With or without extensions, colorful or unicoloured, braids are a perfect ally for summer to give your hair a rest and protection

3 tricks to increase the duration of your makeup

Discover how to prevent your makeup from being destroyed in a few hours, so you can go to your events without worrying

Peru Moda: Sustainable, young and ancestral

Peru Moda, the most important textile and fashion fair in the country, is inclined towards sustainable production and aims to conquer successful brands in the world

Lauval, Colombian bags around the world

In less than a year of creation, this Colombian brand of bags is moving forward to be around the world

These are the emerging designers who will make their debut at Bogotá Fashion Week (Part 2)

Bogotá Fashion Week will take place in the Colombian capital the first week of April. Meet some of the designers who will make their debut this year

These emerging designers will make their debut at Bogotá Fashion Week (Part 1)

Bogota fashion week will be held in the first week of April. Meet some of the designers who will make their debut this year

Was Karl Lagerfeld really a hero?

A month after the death of the 'fashion Kaiser', we reflected on the figure of Karl Lagerfeld in this industry

These are the trends that fashion weeks left us

We tell you our predictions of trends after having seen the fashion week shows in Milan and Paris

Is Paris still the fashion capital?

By the end of the Paris fashion week, a brief overview of the romance between France and the textile industry

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