Ellie Goldstein with her Barbie

Who is the model who inspired the new Barbie with Down syndrome?

British model Ellie Goldstein is leading a fight for inclusion in advertising for people with this genetic condition

Karl Lagerfeld, Jared Leto, Viola Davis

Met Gala 2023: Celebration and Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld

Hundreds of celebrities were noticed in a new version of the Met Gala, which also has controversy, as usual


Diamond Crosses: How to Choose

Here we will discuss some tips and tricks through which you will understand how to choose the best diamond cross pendant for your loved ones. So, let's jump into the article

Woman with Olaplex product

Is the Success of Olaplex Due Only to the Influencers and Celebrities?

This time we will talk about Olaplex, the hair treatment that has revolutionized the networks because the opinions of influencers and celebrities recommend it.

Elsa Schiaparelli fashion model

The Controversy Behind the Schiaparelli Show: How Much Social Responsibility Does Fashion Have?

Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris 2023 began with the controversy of the Schiaparelli show, in which three false animal heads were exposed

iris van herpen

Iris Van Herpen, Haute Couture and Science Fiction

Surely we have seen her designs in prominent fashion events, celebrities with their dresses that seem from another world.

Model posing with different wardrobe

These Are The 6 Fashion Trends That Resonate For 2023

Do you want to prepare yourself to show off a fashionable style? Here we tell you what are the fashion trends for 2023

fashion icons

These Are The 4 Fashion Trends That Defined 2022

Here we tell you what were the fashion trends that governed this year

Bella Hadid at the Coperni performance

This Is the Science Behind the Dress that Coperni Sprayed on Bella Hadid

Paris Fashion Week left a moment to remember when the firm Coperni brought a spray-on dress to the catwalk. We tell you all about the design that Bella Hadid used

Maria Grace Chiuri

Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Designs Generate Disruption at the House of Dior.

Maria Grazia Chiuri was born on February the 2nd 1964, in Rome, Italy. She is now recognized as an important Italian fashion designer.

Woman doing some pieces of fashion

The Fashion Industry as a Social Approach

Indigenous women are the most vulnerable to fashion and brands; however, Emilia Torres seeks to link fashion with poverty and give it another perspective.

Blake Lively at Met Gala 2022

Excess, Opulence and Creativity: Openly at the Met Gala 2022

What is the Met Gala, and why are the outfits so eccentric? This is not your usual red carpet, and here we are to explain the importance of this day.

Blake Lively, Jessica Chastain, Sebastian Stan and Anitta

Met Gala 2022: the Good and the Bad Of Another Sophisticated Night

Glamor and eccentricities were present at the Met Gala 2022. Here we review the good and the bad of the most important event in the world of fashion

Dua Lipa, Avril Lavigne and Bomba Estereo

Grammys 2022: the Most Popular Looks on the Red Carpet

About one of the most important nights in the music industry, we bring you the looks that attracted the most attention during the 2022 Grammys ceremony

Euphoria series

How To Imitate the Make-Up of Euphoria

Painting with darker colors, the commitment to brightness and a skin that looks extremely illuminated stand out among the most used makeup techniques in the well-known American series. Here's a Euphoria makeup guide.

Woman posing

Fashion 2022: These Are The 6 Trends For Next Year

Do you want to renew your closet? Read our post to know the main fashion trends 2022

Vanessa Acosta (Wasi Clothing), Hannah King (Woven Futures), Giuliana and Chiara Macchia (ESCVDO)

5 Latina Women Whose Sustainable Brands We Should Embrace

The Woman Post brings you a list of alternative brands owned by Latinas that bet on the environment!

Model posing on a red background

The 5 Trends That Marked The Style In 2021

The nostalgic return to the clothing of the 2000s, the positioning of "genderless" clothing and the transparent are positioned as the trends that did not go out of style in 2021

Two women posing with a piece of clothing

3 Keys To Get Started In Circular Fashion

Circular fashion is an alternative to a model of rapid consumption of garments that, due to its production model, has generated a negative impact on the environment

Angelina Jolie and her daughter

Angelina Jolie And Her Daughters Prove That Reuse Can Save The World

Angelina Jolie's daughters set a trend in favor of the environment and against the aggressive fashion industry. Here we tell you about the trend of re-use that in the premiere of "Eternals"