Met Gala 2022: the Good and the Bad Of Another Sophisticated Night

Glamor and eccentricities were present at the Met Gala 2022. Here we review the good and the bad of the most important event in the world of fashion.

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2022 brought with it the usual format of the Met Gala, which usually takes place on the first Monday in May. Due to the pandemic, it was not organized in 2020 and for 2021 it was held until September. As is well known, this social event is one of the most important in the fashion industry. It is characterized by celebrities walking the red carpet in dresses ranging from the glamorous to the eccentric.

Once again, New York was the center of attention on another night to remember, as it is worth remembering that the Met Gala is also a charity ceremony that kicks off the annual fashion exhibition organized by the Museum's Dress Institute Metropolitan of Art. For this occasion, "An Anthology of Fashion" was the theme chosen by the director of the gala, Anna Wintour, whose dress code was "Gilded Glamor and White-tie", which means the American Golden Age of the 1870s. -1890.

The Positive Notes Of the Gala

As many of us expected, most of the celebrities who gathered at the Met Gala 2022 spent their walk on the red carpet with their different dresses and suits on a positive note. But if there was a unique and special moment during the event, it was the one that starred the actor Ryan Reynolds, who was seen hopelessly captivated by the beauty of his wife Blake Lively while going up the stairs.

Likewise, the women once again stole their eyes with spectacular outfits worthy of this type of event. Although light colors predominated, at the end of the night it was the dark suits that shone on their own. Vanessa Hudgens wore a black Moschino dress with transparencies that gave her a gothic and sexy touch and Alicia Keys wore a black and silver dress with a cape that reflected the New York skyline. As for the men, Shawn Mendes looked fantastic in a two-tone coat and pantsuit.

But if we talk about celebrities who knew how to fulfill the theme of the 2022 Met Gala, there were three in particular who did it successfully: Emma Stone, who was an ode to that American golden age with a white model of the Louis Vuitton brand; Jessica Chastain, wearing a bright burgundy and red Gucci suit with a turban; and Billie Eilish, showing that her taste for fashion is exquisite by wearing a vintage suit from the Gucci house.

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There Were Also Negative Aspects…

As often happens in these fashion events, not everything that models on the red carpet is always positive. Among the riskiest looks, which did not leave a very good impression, are those of Sebastian Stan, who did not follow the theme by dressing completely in pink and looking disheveled; Irina Shayk dressed all in black leather that did not make her figure show off; and Gigi Hadid, in a bizarre burgundy vinyl ensemble and padded cape that looked awkward to walk on.

On the other hand, the actor Kodi Smit-Mcphee was one of those who had the lowest score at the Met Gala 2022 after appearing in jeans, a white shirt, and red leather gloves. But it was not the only one that caused confusion among the attendees since the fashionista Fredrik Robertsson (who was initially confused with Jared Leto) wore a futuristic outfit made by the Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen.

Latinos Who Shined

Of course, the Latin community also had its moment to shine and much of it is due to the beauty of its women. Anitta left more than one breathless with her perfect dress for the theme that accentuated her figure; Eiza González looked elegant in her fitted white feather suit combined with a diamond necklace; while Camila Cabello was a Cinderella in a long-tailed white dress.

Finally, a guest who could not miss and who also made his debut at the Met Gala was Bad Bunny. The Puerto Rican, an expert in eccentricities, drew attention with a sartorial-inspired dress from the firm Burberry, to which he added a tiara-shaped hair accessory, precisely a detail widely used in this 2022 edition.

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