Artists with Down syndrome in Mexico’s palace of fine arts

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In the palace of fine arts in Mexico, the "Manantial de amor" exhibition was held with works by artists with Down syndrome

Artists with Down syndrome in Mexico's palace of fine arts

The General Institute of Fine Arts (INBA) exhibited "Manantial de amor", a compilation of 36 works by artists from the Mexican School of Art 'Down', where students with this syndrome can develop their artistic and motor skills improving their lifestyle and day to day perception.

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This exhibition took place in Mexico City, in the Palace of Fine Arts, which is considered one of the largest patrimonial structures for all painters in the country where all artists have a place. This was explained by the general director of the institute Lidia Camacho for the Huffington Post portal: "INBA has always been interested in a timely manner on the subject of inclusion in the arts".


Among the artists with Down syndrome, ranging from 20 to 51 years old, there are several works worthy of admiration and exposure at the institute. The theme was made through landscapes, animals, houses, relatives and abstract works. One of the painters, Andrea Simmó, 23, made the work "Dos Van Gogh", a tribute to the Dutch impressionist painter, a painting that was considered one of the most complex of the exhibition.

In the interviews and presentation of their works, the students were proud and happy to have their works in the most important artistic venue in the country.

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Silvia Escamilla

The leader of the Down Foundation, Silvia Escamilla, tells how her priority is the work of spreading creativity of her students with Down syndrome, created 52 years ago when the foundation began, after the birth of Eduardo, their first child , with the syndrome, who died unfortunately at age five.

From its birth, Silvia went to study special education in children with the syndrome to be able to give a better quality of life not only to her little one, but to all those who would like to be part of her artistic project. That was the initial motivation. Currently they have approximately 300 works and wish in the future to have their own museum where they can highlight the work of each of their students.

One of the teachers tells the Yucatan portal how what was born as a small project became this important foundation: "We had never glimpsed the scope that was going to have everything". He also remarls the students' process because each student has their work rhythm and focuses on different methods to develop their work; each of them different from the other, which enriches the work even more. Finally, he mentions a consideration for the future: "the goal is for the boys to become integrated into society, specifically in the artistic field."

We hope this is just one of many initiatives that are generated in Latin America to contribute to the inclusion of all these children, youth and adults, who show us every day to be great people, with incredible abilities and talents. Thus, they can be taken into account in society as a fundamental part of the development of a country.


LatinAmerican Post | Gustavo Cantor Romero

Translated from "Artistas con síndrome de Down en el palacio de Bellas Artes"

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