Bad Bunny As “El Muerto” Will Try To Conquer Hollywood

Bad Bunny is on the road to conquering Hollywood.

Character 'El Muerto' and Bad Bunny

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What else can Bad Bunny do? Music icon, creator of several sneakers, owner of a basketball team, and even with an innate talent for wrestling, the path for this successful Latino is just beginning. Now, his main goal is Hollywood, where he also hopes to show what he is capable of acting. 

2021 was an important year for the new stage of Benito Martínez Ocasio, who went from recording songs to recording movies and series. His first big step, happened with the ninth installment of the saga "Fast and Furious" where he made a cameo of several seconds. This, it should be noted, is due to the fact that on previous occasions the producers of the film chose to choose Latin singers for certain characters, such as Don Omar, Romeo Santos, and Ozuna.

This performance was only the beginning of his new acting career. Months later, Bad Bunny joined the cast of the third season of "Narcos: Mexico", one of the many acclaimed Netflix productions. For that occasion, the Puerto Rican had a role of greater impact as Arturo "Kitty" Páez, a drug trafficker in the Tijuana Cartel. In the end, this foray into the small screen was as surprising as it was captivating, earning praise from fans and critics throughout the 4 episodes he was present.

The positive reviews earned him another opportunity on the big screen. Director David Leitch was commissioned for this 2022 adaptation of a Japanese novel that has a lot of action, fights and comic moments: "Bullet Train". Here, Bad Bunny will be one of the villains that Brad Pitt will have to face while they are traveling on a train, and from what little has been seen in the trailer, everything seems to indicate that the singer will bring out part of that fighter facet that he already showed last year in WWE , the biggest company in wrestling.

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His jump to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Little by little, Latinos have become relevant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as we have seen with Salma Hayek in "Eternals" and more recently with Óscar Issac in "Moon Knight". Now, the weight of representing Latin America in the UCM will fall on Bad Bunny, who will play a character called El Muerto and who is part of the long list of Spider-Man villains. Will this production be the one that catapults his career in Hollywood?

Sony Pictures announced during the celebration of CinemaCom in Las Vegas, United States, that another of its future projects will be a feature film that introduces El Muerto. The film company has already introduced two antiheroes (Venom and Morbius) and intends to continue expanding the interconnected universe with Spider-Man. The only thing that could be known during the event is that the tape would be arriving in theaters in January 2024.

And who is El Muerto? Bad Bunny will give life to a character tailored to his needs, since one of his main characteristics is that he practices wrestling. El Muerto's real name is Juan Carlos Estrada Sánchez and he is part of a generation of wrestlers who fight under that name and wear a special mask, which provides certain extraordinary abilities such as superhuman strength only when worn.

However, Juan Carlos breaks that family tradition by refusing to participate in the ritual fight that would give him the mask. Given this, a character named El Dorado tries to kill him, but is saved by his father who ends up murdered. This situation redefines the life of Juan Carlos, who dedicates himself to training for several years and thus prepares himself to recover his honor if he fulfills a mission: to defeat a masked hero. It is here that he crosses paths with Spider-Man and his extensive list of villains.

In short, the versatility that Bad Bunny has shown makes him one of the most sought-after Latinos of the moment in many areas. He is no longer only talked about for the songs and albums that break records and even win awards, but also for that acting facet that step by step is taking him to the top of success. Conquering Hollywood is not easy, but so far the Puerto Rican is on the right track.

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