Chaos Seizes the Final Season of “Succession”

The winner of several Emmys and Golden Globes says goodbye in style with its fourth season. How much drama and chaos will the Roy family leave us in the finale of "Succession"?.

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"Succession" is a modern drama that focuses on the lives of wealthy families who maneuver the circles of power in high society. HBO's formula for success remains the same: alliances, infighting, and betrayals. But this time, the war does not occur in medieval halls with a throne but in meeting rooms. And it is from there that the essence and attractiveness of this winning series of several Emmy and Golden Globe awards begins.

Unlike other major television productions, the series created by Jesse Armstrong wants to say goodbye in style and without the need to stretch the story more than necessary. That is why the next ten episodes of its fourth season will lower the curtain on a plot so actual that it goes beyond fiction. "I didn't want the audience to get fed up with us or to think we were going to do a silly season," the screenwriter also said in an interview with CNN.

This dramatic satire laced with dark humor has managed to keep audiences on their couches episode after episode. A detail that shows HBO's confidence in "Succession" is that its final chapter will be broadcast on May 28, the last day to apply for the next edition of the Emmys.

Divisions and much Chaos

Everything indicates that this last season will be more powerful and fierce than the previous ones. None of the characters will show qualms about betrayal or revenge, regardless of parentage, and that shows just how ruthless and intense they can be. Surprises will also be part of the game when family and business clashes reach an unprecedented point, all to achieve power at any cost.

Many of us witnessed how Logan Roy managed his television empire throughout its episodes. At the same time, three of his children (Kendall, Shiv, and Roman) fought each other to show loyalty and become a successor to Waystar Royco. In the end, all that changed, and the brothers decided to join forces to face their father, although they lost the first battle as expected.

Without truces and with all the cards on the table, the next moves of the Roys will be decisive in knowing who will have total control. At this point, the division will be most fierce, especially when the sale of the media conglomerate approaches and causes existential angst in some members of the family. And it is that, as Logan has shown, a good business will always be more important than family or personal ties.

For his part, oblivious to all this confrontation, is Connor, Logan's eldest son. His only concern is his campaign to aspire to the presidency of the United States. However, that political career has been challenging to keep afloat, and the polls show it with a minimum percentage of acceptance. So how many millions of dollars will you be willing to spend to turn the tables, or how far will you have to stoop to get the attention you need?

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A Disappointed Father

As you know by now, the main focus of attention is Logan Roy. Now more than ever, she feels that her children are not up to the task, to the point of considering them as non-serious people. According to the same patriarch of the Roys, none of the three have the necessary material to move markets or win the loyalty of heads of state, two fundamental factors to lead an empire like Waystar Royco's.

But Kendall, Shiv, and Roman's aspirations are getting bigger and bigger. The detail is that even when they got together at the end of the third season, it was not noticed that they were competing hard, which has always characterized his father. The absence of these three will be Logan's primary concern in the coming episodes since this new generation of Roys has a strategy that could tip the balance in his favor.

In the end, the structure of the last season of "Succession" will create sensational and uncomfortable exchanges among all the participants of this game. Can Logan's favorite sons prove they're ready to play with the big boys? Because if there is something that the series has confirmed, none of them seems willing to handle the power they have longed for so much.

An Unexpected Ending for All

Neither the fans nor the series' actors imagined that the fourth season would be the last. Certainly, Jesse Armstrong met with his writing team to plan the future of his characters and how far the story of the Roys should go. After writing what seemed to be the best season, the writer decided that this would become the perfect ending to the plot. However, the unexpected news ended up causing a lot of confusion among the cast members.

"I felt a great sense of loss, disappointment, and sadness. But I understand that they didn't say it until the end because there was always the possibility that this was not the end," Sarah Snook, who plays Shiv Roy, told the media. For his part, Kieran Culkin, the actor who plays Roman Roy, feels like a fan who will want to see more: "I'm looking forward to those requests that ask for ten more chapters. I think it was enough, but I respect the decision of Jesse to shut it down now," he confessed in an interview.

For now, this latest season of "Succession" comes at a controversial time due to recent revelations about Fox News and its main shareholder Rupert Murdoch, who is precisely the inspiration for the creator of this series. And regardless of who ends up in power, this production is already among the best on HBO and in the entire 21st century.

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