Cuba celebrates 70 years of the ballet festival

You can not miss the XXVI version of the International Ballet Festival of Havana

You cannot miss the XXVI version of the International Ballet Festival of Havana

¡Cuba celebra 70 años del festival de ballet!

Until next November 6, the International Ballet Festival of Havana will be held in its version number 26. This is one of the most prestigious and traditional events in the world of dance, since it has more than half a century of history. The event is part of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the National Ballet of Cuba, which was declared a National Cultural Heritage this year. The program includes several tributes to the 75th anniversary of the debut of Alicia Alonso (96 years old) in Gisselle, who is the Prima Ballerina Assoluta of the National Ballet of Cuba.

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Giselle's presentation will be the perfect opportunity for Cuban dancers of the Cuban National Ballet who are currently working with foreign companies to return to the stages of their country, among them Rolando Sarabia, Hayna Gutiérrez, Sadaise Arencibia and Dani Fernández. The cycle of Giselle ballet performances will be presented by the first figures of the National Ballet of Cuba and foreign dancers as the American Ballet Theater couple Cory Stearns and Hee Seo who will carry out the version made by this Ballet company.


Within the main headquarters are:

• Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso

• Sala Avellaneda and Covarrubias at the National Theater

• Martí Theater

• Mella Theater

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 Among the companies that will be presented are:

• The Ballet of the Grand Theater of Geneva

• The National Ballet of Prague

• Stars of American Ballet

• American Ballet Theater

• The Ballet of the Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires

• The Munich Ballet

The Festival has more activities beyond the presentations, it also brings with it pedagogical days where there will be classes and a conference at the National Ballet School. According to Heriberto Cabezas, coordinator of the Festival, those who will carry out these two activities are Lorna Feijoo, Nelson Madrigal, Lienz Chang, and Victor Gilí. They would transmit all the knowledge they received in the ballet company and all the experiences they have accumulated through their innumerable artistic experiences.



The Festival has been held in Havana Cuba since 1960, it was organized for the first time with the support of the National Ballet of Cuba, the National Institute of the Tourist Industry and the cultural organizations of the government. This was added to the plans of mass dissemination after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution. It is a world event that allows people to enjoy the performance and works of prestigious artists that make up the dance guild and give a great demonstration of the quality of Cuban ballet, an event that you cannot miss.


LatinAmerican Post | Ana María Aray Mariño
Translated from “¡Cuba celebra 70 años del festival de ballet!”


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