These 3 artists refused to sing in the Super Bowl

Rihanna refused to sing in the Super Bowl and with this she joins the boycott against this event. Find out here more about it

These 3 artists refused to sing in the Super Bowl

Rihanna refused to sing at the halftime show of the biggest football event. With this, she joins the boycott against the Super Bowl, which began this year in support of the football player Colin Kaepernick. In the anthem of each match, Kaepernick kneels in protest against racism, the policies of President Donald Trump and the systematic police abuse in the United States.

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While the singer has not made any public statement, a close source told Entertainment Tonight that while this was a great opportunity for the singer who is working on a new album, she decided to reject it for what she thinks is right. The controversy grows. Here we present you a list of other artists who have joined the boycott and/or who have refused to sing in the football event for different reasons.

Others in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick

Amy Schumer

After Rihanna's rejection became known, actress and comedian Amy Schumer published the news on Instagram inviting Maroon 5 to also reject the invitation to play at the halftime show of the largest sporting event in the United States. She has already shown her solidarity with the player and his fight against racism. In statements on her social networks, she has also invited white football players to kneel with Colin.

Jay Z

The rapper was practically the one who invented this boycott against the Super Bowl by refusing to sing at the halftime of this year's event, which was held in February. He made public that he had done so in solidarity with the black football player. Also, in his song "Apesh ** t" that he released in mid-2018 and in which he collaborates with his wife Beyoncé, he raps in a verse that he said no to the Super Bowl and the NFL, that they need him and he does not need them.

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Other rejections to the NFL


The British singer was also invited to be part of the Super Bowl's half-time show in February this year. However, she had to decline because it seemed to her that it was not the kind of show for her because it responds to interests beyond music. In addition, the Super Bowl demands her to dance and move around the stage because it takes place in a stadium, something to which the artist is not accustomed.


Another band that said no to the Super Bowl because of creative differences. Like Adele, members of the now classic metal band said that the halftime show of this sporting event was not their kind of event. They had been invited for the celebration of Super Bowl number 50, which took place in San Francisco, the city where the band is from. However, it was impossible to convince its members, who believed that their music was very dark for the type of audience that goes to the Super Bowl.


During 2004, we were all listening to the hit of this duo "Hey ya," so the NFL invited them to star in the halftime show. However, the duo did not agree to the requirement to shorten their songs to coincide with the times of the event, so they could not present themselves.


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