Daddy’s Home: St. Vincent’s Great New Album

The American multi-instrumentalist is seen as one of the best pop-rock artists today, to the point where she is considered the "female David Bowie" ."

Cover of the album 'Daddy's Home' by St. Vincent

The artist’s new album manages to condense the best of her entire discography, with seventies sounds that suit her really well. Photo: IG-st_vincent

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St. Vincent is, perhaps, one of the most transcendent artists of today . Although since the beginning of her career, in 2007, she had seen an eclectic musical facet for other interesting, her performance and musical creativity exploded with Masseduction, her previous album, released in 2017.

The doubts were there: could St. Vincent release an album that exceeds the evolution of its predecessor? Well, now we know. The truth is that Daddy's Home, the artist's new album, manages to condense the best of her entire discography, with seventies sounds that really suits her.

Daddy's home

The first thing to mention is that, precisely, the artist had set the bar very high with her latest production that allowed her to achieve international fame and establish herself as one of the most important alternative rock talents of the last decade . However, the multi-instrumentalist far exceeded this challenge.

Daddy's Home is proposed as an album that seeks to delve into the past. The entire album is structured under the sounds of antiquity, something that Annie Clark herself – aka St. Vincent – always experienced on other projects.

From the first moment, we perceive a seventies aura, which shows the enormous evolution of the artist. For example, the 2007 debut album, Marry Me, was consolidated as one of the greatest exponents of baroque-pop . In Masseduction of 2017, on the other hand, she was betting on neon, festive, outgoing and challenging tones.

None of that happens in Daddy's Home, which appears as the artist's most intimate album . The album is inspired by the liberation of her father, after years of being incarcerated for a white collar crime in New York . For this reason, she constantly asks herself what the figure of fatherhood is and how much it influences your lives.

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As for the musical genres themselves, we see that there are songs with a varied composition. For example, in the initial Pay Your Way In Pain, which reflects the tone of the album a bit, an introduction of a classic piano of that time is perceived , and then it goes to an electronic funk that always suits the artist.

In second place, Down and Out Downtown appears, with impressive rhythm changes and guitar picks that perfectly match what we could expect from the artist . The Melting Of The Sun, one of his strangest and most melancholic songs, with a very deep style that makes us reflect immediately. Two opposing themes, which explain how eclectic Clark can be.

There are also songs with quite different harmonies, as happens with Somebody Like Me, where country introduces, but then almost ghostly and intriguing sound effects are taken. In that same sense, The Laughing Man is shown as a theme that almost borders on gloomy, with choruses sung by the singer, which give it a sense of mystery and agony . Down lets us see a variety of chords that each time becomes more intense, happy and unhinged.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention one of the revelations of this album, which could show a new facet of the artist. We refer to At The Holiday Party, where we see a portrait of the country soul that she always had inside her , but that she had not shown in a song.

This new album by Annie Clark, also known as St. Vincent, shows that she is one of the best exponents of a musical style to which we can only compare her with one of the greatest eminences in the history of music: David Bowie . Undoubtedly, an essential job, both for its great production work and for its variety of genres. Ideal for retro lovers!

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