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The Warren couple is perhaps the best-known paranormal team in the world thanks to the support of cinema.

Ed and Lorraine Warren

The famous pair of paranormal investigators is still popular through the movies they inspired. / Photo: openroadmedia.com

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For anyone interested in horror and suspense films, Ed and Lorraine Warren are a couple more than known due to the influence that their work generated as material for Hollywood cinema. This American couple specialized in paranormal investigation since the 1950s, when they founded the "New England Psychical Research Society" (NESPR). Throughout their lives, they were dedicated to this work and they were gaining fame around the United States, to the point of appearing on television and writing some books about their history, in fact, they have their own museum with the once cursed objects that they took from demonized homes, including the popular Annabelle doll.

Every story has a beginning and the Warrens's too. Ed worked at a Bridgeport Theater that screened movies, he used to like that movie darkness and at his school he was known as someone strange and lonely. For her part, Lorraine was the daughter of a frequent client who was studying at a Catholic school for nuns, where she was punished at age 7 for commenting that she saw lights around people. When Ed and Lorraine met at the age of 16, they both shared a taste for horror movies and paranormal themes, Ed claimed that his house was demonized and that is why the doors used to move alone drastically and he saw the spirit of an old woman. For her part, Lorraine saw lights on the bodies of people that varied according to their mood, this was for her, the aura of people, according to El Clarín.

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The Second World War began and Ed had to go to fight, but after permission, he was able to see Lorraine again. Both were already in a relationship but this time they decided to get married, the two were 17 years old and Ed had to go back to the war, when he returned they already had a daughter named Judy. At first, Ed devoted himself to painting, although he studied in a specialized school, two years later he abandoned it and continued in an unusual way: the couple went out to see the houses in Connecticut and where Lorraine saw spirits, they stopped so that Ed painted the home with these paranormal beings. On many occasions they sold the painting to the confused owners of these houses, who immediately allowed them to pass to analyze the house well, that is how the idea of paranormal investigation was carried out.

Ed wondered what could be done when someone perceived living in a haunted house, so he contacted the nearby church and they told him that they sent people to a psychiatrist because they did not even believe in the devil. For this reason, NESPR was born, this society only charged the necessary expenses and had the voluntary help of police, doctors and other members of society. In addition, it was based on religious knowledge along with science.


Most popular cases

Among the most prominent cases in the Warren's paranormal investigation is that of Annabelle, a Raggedy Ann doll that a student received as a gift, seemingly possessed by a demon, that was extracted in 1968 by the Warrens and locked in a glass box. Another case was in 1971, when a family with 5 daughters seemed to live in a house haunted by an old witch, so they requested the help of the Warrens.


Warren museum

Of all the cases they worked, the Warrens took away those cursed objects that seemed to be responsible for the ills, their basement was the place chosen to store them and keep them away from everyone, this place is currently known as the "Museum of Occultism" that people in Monroe 41, Connecticut, USA can visit. The only rule is not to touch anything since according to Lorraine, many objects contain the aura of demons, so when they are touched, they take a part of that negative energy that causes damage to anyone, according to Guioteca. The museum is currently closed as they are working on moving, however, it can be accessed virtually through the Warren's official website, priced from $ 5.99, according to El Souvenir.

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Ed Warren died in 2006 at the age of 79 after spending 5 years unable to speak after a stroke, on the other hand, Lorraine would die at 92 years of natural causes. However, the Warren society continues to be run by her 69-year-old daughter Judy and her husband Tony Spera, a paranormal investigator who has worked with the Warrens since the 1980s and is also in charge of the Warren museum. The two are accompanied by a group of 11 people who keep the NESPR standing.



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