“Índigo” by Camilo and Evaluna and more songs to wait for your baby

The young couple published an emotional video clip of the subject with moving lyrics and that also collects the reactions of those closest to them when they heard the news. We tell you about Camilo and Evaluna's ad, "Indigo".

Still from the video clip 'Indigo' by Camilo and Evaluna

Although the Camilo and Evaluna thing has had its touch of originality, it is worth mentioning that they have not been the only artists who use this type of technique to announce that they will be parents. Photo: YT-Camilo

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The love that Camilo and Evaluna have shown each other since they began their relationship has made them one of the most beloved couples in the musical medium. So many displays of affection and sincere affection that they have published throughout this time on their social networks have not only served as an example for the youth but also to decorate a path that will now have a new member in the family. Indigo, as the duo's new song is titled, will be the name of the baby they are expecting.

Last Wednesday, October 13, the couple published the official video for their new duo single, which had created great expectations among their fans for the simple fact of seeing them together again. What very few imagined was that in this way both announced that they would be parents for the first time. With an eighties musical rhythm, the audiovisual show us Camilo's reaction between emotion and crying when he saw Evaluna's pregnancy test, a situation that is also repeated with those closest to him when they found out.

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The congratulations were not long in coming. From a publication on Instagram by Ricardo Montaner saying "my heart explodes" with the word Indigo on a blue background, to comments from music celebrities such as Alejandro Sanz, Camila Cabello, Greeicy, or Luis Fonsi; The news has caused a stir in social networks that have also been filled with joy with the new stage that Camilo and Evaluna are living. In fact, if we put the statistics of their two publications together, they have received more than 8 million 'likes' and 90 thousand comments. Happiness certainly seems to be greatest when it is shared.

Music, the ideal ally to expect a baby

Every advertisement gains more energy when accompanied by music. Although the Camilo and Evaluna thing has had its touch of originality, it is worth mentioning that they have not been the only artists who use this type of technique to announce that they will be parents. For this occasion, we want to bring you a playlist of five songs that address this theme of pregnancies and a tribute to children. Enjoy them!

"Never worn white" – Katy Perry

On March 5, 2020, the American singer released this single that was included as a bonus track from her latest studio album, "Smile." In the video we see her dressed in white and also in a floral suit, outfits that combine perfectly with a letter that is dedicated especially to Orlando Bloom, her husband, also describing the process and feelings of their relationship. As a surprise at the end, Katy announces her pregnancy when she appears tenderly caressing her belly.

"De parto" – Joan Manuel Serrat

Serrat is one of the singer-songwriters who managed to mark an era in Spanish music. In 1974 he published his eleventh LP, "Para Vivir", where he highlights this incredible song that he composed with great affection for all mothers in their day. In his lyrics full of poetry, he perfectly describes what a woman experiences and feels during her months of gestation, accompanied at all times by a warm melody.

"Blessed" – Elton John

When you find out that you will be a mother/father, endless emotions begin to run through your entire body. You imagine what your baby will be like, if he will have blue or green eyes, what his first words will be, and even all the promises that you will fulfill once he is with you. In this way, the British singer captivated thousands of people in 1995 when he released this single from his album "Made of England". Although controversial at the time, Elton's message was pretty clear: Having a child is a blessing.

"Yo te esperaba" – Alejandra Guzmán

In 1992 the Mexican rocker won the admiration of hundreds of Latin mothers when she premiered this song. In it, you can highlight phrases related to pregnancy, which have been used to express the emotions that it means to live this stage. Indeed, Alejandra has confessed on several occasions that she has a special affection for her because she wrote it before the birth of her daughter. And it is that when we carefully review the letter, we find a love letter from a mother to her baby.

"Sweetest Devotion" – Adele

"25" is the third studio album by the British singer that has this song as one of the most special, because with it the curtain falls happily after the dense themes that precede it. The reason? His son Angelo. In fact, Adele describes him as a little angel and it is thanks to him that she brings out the best of herself, including her motherhood, which greatly influenced her personal life and artistic career. Certainly, many people will agree with her when assuring that a baby is the sweetest devotion in the world.

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