KISS: The History of Rock

Get to know the history of Kiss while their “End of The Road” Tour finally comes to an end.

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We have all seen on TV, the news, or even heard from a friend about the enigmatic music band named Kiss. If you have not heard of them, you have probably seen them on posters or social media with their iconic and wild look, featuring in a silver suit, white makeup on their face with black on their eyes, their crazy hair, and their tongues always sticking out.

The band got its start in New York City in 1973 with four members who, along with their extravagant attire, adopted nicknames; Demon (bassist), Starchild (guitarist), Catman (drummer), and Spaceman (guitarist). All those qualities made them one of the most enigmatic bands of the 20th century, with thirty Gold records and multiple mentions in the Billboard 200, such as Rock and Roll All Nite, Calling Dr. Love, among others.

Kiss has always been classifed as a rock band, their music also falls on the genres hard rock, heavy metal, progressive rock, hair metal, or grunge, but you could classify it as a combination of them all. You could say that their influence on the Rock scene has defined what we know today as the Rock music genre.

Since the beginning of the group, the band strove to create an unforgettable atmosphere full of fireworks, moving platforms, good music, and great performances among the shouts and praises of its millions of fans. They always hoped to make their concerts full of memories that would last a lifetime, and their last shows will be just as memorable.

Even though this group began their career in the early 70s, it remains one of the most respected bands in the Rock genre and one of the few that has lasted the longest on the scene. So much time has caused ups and downs in the band that some members left the group at certain moments in time, so they had to be replaced by other musicians. However on their last trip around the world, the original members and their replacements will be sharing the stage and appearing in different songs to give the best experience to their fans.

This band had a great influence throughout all the generations that listened to them, but it was only until the second decade of the 21st century that they were finally nominated to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and thanks to the support of all their fans in 2014 they were accepted, and today you can find them in that museum.

Kiss announced their last tour after one of their performances in September of 2018, and they named it One Last Kiss: End of the Road World Tour. In 2019, they began their journey through this musical experience, but due to complications caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, their worldwide tour was delayed and had to be postponed. Still, they announced that their last round of concerts should take place from October of this year to the 2nd of December 2023.

On their End of the Road tour, the band has and will play in different countries around the world, such as Canada, the United States, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Russia, Sweden, England, Scotland, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Japan and many more countries on all the continents of the world.

Kiss still has a lot of stops before they arrive at their final destination, but to the surprise of their fans the band announced that their closing concert will be in New York City at Madison Square Garden. It is almost poetic to think that their last destination is in the same place where it all began half a century ago.

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