Review “Money Heist 5”: Goodbye to the Band, Hello to the Resistance

Season 5 of "Money Heist" put an end to one of the longest and most methodical heists in history. This is our review.

Still from the series 'La Casa de Papel'

For now, we can only say goodbye to a legacy of thieves who knew how to form a Resistance among their followers and, furthermore, wait for a possible return with the Berlin spin-off. Photo: YT-Netflix

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There are only two ways a major heist can end: right or wrong. There are no midpoints. Since the Professor's gang took control of the Bank of Spain, everything got complicated, but due to fate they always found a way to get away with it. And it is that season 4 of "La Casa de Papel" left us moments of impact such as the death of Nairobi and the arrival of Lisbon to the Bank, scenarios that generated great expectations in the viewer for what would come in its fifth part. Was everything served for the final blow?

Under the shout "For Nairobi!", The gang had gathered enough strength to prepare for Colonel Tamayo's next blow. The last card he had left was to use brute force and thereby start a real war against the robbers, so his next move was to call in the military. This is where Commander Sagasta and his team came into play, whose experience on the field made them look like the only means to end it all.

On the other hand, as if it were a chess game, the Professor was put in check by Alicia Sierra in one of the most close duels of the entire series. The former police inspector had to flee after Tamayo ordered her arrest, but that did not stop her intentions to continue hunting the gang leader. In this way, and using the intelligence and insight that characterizes her, she found the hiding place of the robbery brain in order to inject greater intensity into the plot.

Part 5 of "Money Heist" was developed between the action inside the bank, the reflection of its characters and the parallel history of Berlin with his wife and son, all this with the voice of Tokio again as an omniscient narrator. Unlike other seasons, here the lowest hours are lived for everything the band lost, although they were able to regain their illusion and faith for the plan. With the strategy of stealing the gold already known, now it remained to know how they were going to deal with its transport and the preparation of the escape.

During the first 5 episodes, we experienced (possibly) the highest peak of violence when the army entered the Bank of Spain, resulting in the death of several characters. All that changes radically in volume 2, where the development of the heist is only limited to setbacks, while the confrontation between the Professor and Alicia evolves in an unexpected way. In short, the delusional, surreal and humorous moments give the series finale moments of brilliance.

Female power in "Money Heist 5"

One point that cannot be overlooked is the importance that the plot has given to its female characters. If initially Nairobi and Tokyo were the true example of female leadership and power, in season 5 we see something similar again with three women. Of course, one of them is Lisbon, who on this occasion takes command of the robbery together with Palermo and brings out that experience gained when he was in the police force.

Alicia Sierra continues to demonstrate why she is the most charismatic villain in the series. Now we see her more human side, although that will not leave behind all the qualities for which she considers herself an innate leader. Lastly, we have Tatiana, Berlin's wife, who, after meeting her through the stories running parallel to the main plot, will pull a trick up her sleeve to give us viewers an unexpected blow.

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Goodbye to a legacy of thieves

It could be said, without a doubt, that "La Casa de Papel" has made us dream that there is nothing impossible in life. However, that idea was repeated so many times that it was already necessary to put an end to the series, since the obvious fatigue of some characters that were already burned to the maximum was noticeable. At this point the question arises to generate the debate: does the ending live up to expectations?

Of course, the master plays and "magic tricks" of some characters were the main reason for fans to stay hooked until the last minute. The heist finally came to a conclusion and that, in part, is appreciated. Although there were no loose ends, it seems that everything was resolved abruptly and that the end left questions in several key points.

The series created by Alex Pina was characterized by the blows of effect and by the forcefulness, something that was lost on the closing when betting on the predictable and not following the line of the genuine and unpublished . And, as often happens even in real life, the journey has been more exciting than reaching the destination. For now, we can only say goodbye to a legacy of thieves who knew how to form a Resistance among their followers and, furthermore, wait for a possible return with the Berlin spin-off. The dream is not over!

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