Taylor Swift’s “Midnights”: The Ideal Album for Sleepless Nights

Taylor Swift's tenth studio album is marked by melancholic sounds and some hints of synth-pop, as well as lyrics that range from love to revenge. We tell you more in our review on "Midnights".

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What is it that keeps Taylor Swift awake at night? Hating herself and fantasizing about revenge. And we don't say it, but the artist herself, who days before the release of "Midnights" was already dropping some clues about what was to come. This tenth album features concept art that navigates between the terrors and serenity of dreams, making it the ideal playlist for sleepless nights.

There are 13 songs originally, to which are added another 7 that he published hours after the release of the album (3 AM Edition). Playing with that time theme makes his connection with the public even more real since it feels intimate as if you were at his house hearing his secrets and problems with life in the middle of the night. The essence of "Midnights" begins in that detail, a work with enough mystery to generate expectations and tension.

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Love And Revenge To Combat Insomnia

Something particular about this album is the fact that neither song is outlined as the typical commercial single. But this is not an accident or bad planning, as Taylor focused on writing something more personal and without the pressure of conquering the masses. With everything and that, the artist joined again with producer Jack Antonoff to present a much more leisurely, astute, and nuanced product.

The sleepless night on "Midnights" opens with a fairly explicit song about the inner strength that surrounds Taylor: "Lavender Haze." Here, the sensual melody intersects with lyrics that talk about overcoming negativity and criticism, something that the artist has had to face for years with speculation and bad comments from a sector of the media. It should be noted that the title is due to a phrase that caught his attention from the television series "Mad Men".

It is then followed by "Maroon" and "Anti-Hero", which are two opposite faces. The first has a slow texture that is complemented by light touches of rap and trap rhythms, where it describes a love relationship that was lost in the past, a theme similar to the tenth theme, "Labyrinth". The second, on the other hand, is a gem that shows the funniest facet of his pop. Here he details his insecurities with strong verse while projecting surreal images.

The only collaboration in "Midnights" happens in the fourth subject, "Snow on the Beach", next to Lana del Rey. The detail is that the duet does not go beyond a simple harmony of pop sounds, so it could be considered the lowest part of the album. In that sense, the last two songs, "Sweet Nothing" and "Mastermind", complement each other under the same love theme that you may or may not like. In both, she confesses her love to someone, who is none other than her boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

For its part, "You're On Your Own, Kid" stands out for being that fifth song that always stands out from his record works. The sweetness of his verses is harmonized with the melody of a guitar that gradually burns with nostalgia. The background makes us think that she is doing a kind of therapy for her inner child since she brings back memories of other relationships as if it were a nightly confession. It is one of the richest themes without being extremely cheesy.

But if what you're looking to hear is his vindictive side, "Vigilante Shit" and "Karma" is the quintessential "Midnight's" options. The first is a kind of dark pop directed at one of his exes, whose gloomy comments make us imagine a whole movie scene. The second is a bit more "cheerful", but with Taylor enjoying her nemeses getting what they deserve. The latter aroused curiosity on social networks, as many thought it was a hint at Kanye West. Be that as it may, it will surely become an iconic work in his repertoire.

Lastly, the songs "Midnight Rain", "Question…?" and "Bejeweled" show all the pop splendor that characterizes Taylor. Here we go to see her from a mature version and focus more on her career, to sing to her love to let her know that she is the biggest prize. The three songs stand out for their quality, in addition to specific electronic touches thanks to the contribution of the synthesizers.

In general, "Midnights" is full of metaphors that only the most fanatic will be able to decipher perfectly. Taylor Swift is an artist who has known how to grow over the years and for this album she has not forgotten how to cut and enchant with a few simple words. So turn off the lights and let yourself be carried away by each of their songs, ideal to listen to during a sleepless night.

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